30 Fun Things To Do Before Turning 30 (That Will Make You Feel Better About Turning 30)

Annie Spratt

1. Buy matching bra and pantie sets. May seem insignificant to you but I can’t go into my 30’s with a green bra polka dot bra and flowered panties lol.

2. Wear matching socks. Again, may seem minor to you but I want to feel like my life is together at 30. So I’ll start by matching my socks.

3. Buy decent pajamas.
One of my good girlfriends is getting married and for her shower, she got tons of lingerie. This girl is infamously known for sleeping in t-shirts she has hoarded since the 7th grade. She wrote me a note saying she was throwing all of those old shirts in the garbage. If SHE can do it, I can certainly buy matching tops and bottoms lol

4. Set a reading goal
. I actually used to be really good at my reading goals. I used to be able to start a book on Friday night and be finished by Sunday. I think I will restart slowly, at least 1 book a month.

5. Go back to school.
I have actually already started this process but every time an obstacle comes, I stop trying. First it was financial aid, then my laptop. And with that being said…

Whether it be school, or going to the gym I can ALWAYS find an excuse on why I just cannot do it right now

7. Pick up a hobby. My mom has a few hobbies, she crochets and bakes and she seems to love every second of it. I am strongly considering picking up yoga as a hobby.

8. Build my brand.
Thanks to social media, we ALL have a brand. We are all known for SOMETHING. Also, thanks to social media you can now use social media to make money. I plan on doing just that. Whether its being an ambassador for hair brands or makeup.

9. Travel alone. I’ve been a mom for almost 11 years, and the only “place” I have traveled “alone” was to Philadelphia. It was far enough to get fresh air but close enough that if something happened to Kayla, I could get to her quick. It seems like the only alone time I really get is in the bathroom but if I am in there for more than 5 minutes I hear “Mommy are you ok?” So even if traveling alone consists of driving 1-2 hours to a different city, I am down for it.

10. Overcome a fear.
My list of fears will probably seem ridiculous to you lol. Let’s see….I am afraid of bridges, heights, the lion king movies, dogs, cats, animals in general. I am afraid of failure, rejection, speaking in public, revolving doors ( I will not use it). The list goes on…I owe it to myself to overcome at least 1 of those

11. Fail
. Yes, you read that right. Maybe this will be the fear that I will overcome. There is no better way to grow than to TRY something with the chance that you may fail. I cannot expect to succeed at everything.

12. Learn how to network.
This ties into #8. I am connected to and “know” plenty of people. There is really no reason why I haven’t learned this yet. Well maybe there is…. the fear of failure

13. Get organized.
My office looks different than my living room, my living room looks different than my bedroom and my bedroom looks different than my car. I need to get consistently organized and REMAIN that way.

14. Find my cause.
Doing good for others makes you a stronger and more well-rounded individual. When I worked at a local shoe store, I did Habitat for Humanity a few times and loved it, it gave me a sense of meaning. I have thought about volunteering more often.

15. Learn a foreign language. I took Spanish in high school at least 3 times so there is no reason why I am not fluent. I want to learn it enough to be satisfied that I did it.

16. Rent a house with my friends. Since my birthday is in the fall I have considered renting a house in Miami for a few days. I mean a luxurious house with a pool and everything. I deserve it right?

17. Pay it forward.
Ever had someone help you out when you didn’t ask for it? Even if you haven’t, you can still start a chain of positive events by paying for someone’s coffee or helping them change a flat tire. Positive momentum is a powerful thing, people!

18. Take a class or 2 or 3. Cooking class, wine tasting and pairing classes, paint classes…. all peak my interests. Maybe even a theater class since I’ve heard that I can be a tad dramatic. Go figure.

19. Be the 1st to apologize. I stand my ground. If I feel how I feel, I will not back down nor apologize. This however has not always worked out in my favor.

20. Stop holding grudges. I have actually gotten pretty good at this. But there are still a few things I am holding on to and a few people I refuse to even speak to. But God is working on me

21. Build a family tree.
I can tell you that my last name is Italian but I have a few foreign Facebook friends with the same last name but they speak Spanish.

22. Treat MYSELF to something really expensive
…and pay for it in cash. Whether its a new computer, a Chanel handbag or a weekend away at an upscale resort and spa, you totally deserve it for working hard. I only ever buy things for Kayla.

23. Have a cleaning day. I guess part of being organized is creating a schedule. I need a cleaning day. I try to clean on Saturday mornings but lately my Saturdays have been busy so I end up cleaning on random days…..when I feel like it.

24. Have a portrait taken.
With 30 approaching, there is no better time than to have someone professionally take my pictures. Someone to capture this new me.

25. Learn how to “seriously” budget.
I have a budget but I do not budget if that makes sense…..

26. Befriend an older woman. Most of my friends are in my age bracket and some of the ones who are not, I can’t learn anything from. Some of the best advice I have gotten has been from my older coworkers. I mean older than 40 and up. If you spend all your time with fellow twenty-somethings, it’s easy to get caught up in drama. Plus, hanging out with someone who’s successfully made it through her 20’s and 30’s is super reassuring – as she can give you all kinds of wisdom.

27. Welcome new friends. Now this may be a struggle. I like my group of friends but I lack diversity

28. Write a letter to myself.
Write a letter at your current age, in your current state and open it sometime after being comfortable in your 30’s. I bet you’ll see progress and growth.

29. Run.
Tt doesn’t have to be a special event. it doesn’t have to be a marathon…just get up and do it. Increase your running time as you develop

30. Be FREE in Me.
The last and final thing on the list. Be free in who I am. Who you are. Free yourself from stereotypes, and other people’s opinions. No one can dictate who I should be but me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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