4 Daily Affirmations Every Strong Young Woman Needs to Be Reminded Of

 Everton Vila
Everton Vila

1. You are good enough.

Today’s ladies are being constantly compared, forcibly changed and viewed less as individuals, while simultaneously being pressured to all be alike. Lip injections, having a fat ass, big bosoms and perfectly contoured faces have not only become the standards women are being held to today but also sadly have influenced, not only the way the male species views women, but also how they view themselves.

I know how hard it is to scroll through your Instagram feeds constantly paralleling yourselves to these girls you see with ‘the perfect selfie’.

But you have to remember: You were made to stand out not fit in. You exude a beauty that no other being on this Earth can possess. Your stance, your views on life, your individuality can not and should not compare to those of others.

Your beauty radiates through your words and your deepest most inner thoughts, not through chosen filters and photos taken at back breaking angles.

Realize that you have so much to offer this world and so much of you to share. Let your inner beauty and defiant intellect take the lead. Sooner or later you’ll realize you are more than enough just the way you are.

2. You can’t control everything, so stop trying to.

You have to accept that you can’t control everything. Not the feelings of the guy you really really like, not the thoughts of the people who make it their mission to tear you to shreds, not even the tardiness of the bus that you were counting on to take you to your 12 pm appointment. All you have control over is you.

Your actions, your reactions, the way you attentively or distantly pay attention to certain ideas. If you are done dirty your first instinct as a human will be to try and change THEM or THE SITUATION. Ride that wave, and once your boiling blood settles, reflect. Identify with what has happened, and change perspectives on who you attempt to control. By utilizing those same tools and applying them to changing your own mind, you’ll realize that you’ll leave the situation feeling so much lighter and oddly satisfied. The heaviness of trying to manipulate another human’s thoughts or feelings followed by the angst and frustration of an unsuccessful attempt.

3. Own your mistakes, they belong to you.

You’ve heard this saying many times before: nobody is perfect. And you’ve also ignored it. Beating yourself up daily about the one text too many that you sent that guy or the lipstick color you left the house thinking was incredibly cute until you thought it wasn’t. Or even something more pressing like the program you chose to dedicate your time and money to.

No matter what you may deem a mistake in your life, as hard and unreasonable this may sound; own it.

Own your mistakes. Own how you felt when you thought of them, how you felt before they were even categorized as mistakes. How you felt after you realized the consequences that would come with them. Now learn from them.

And by learning from them, apply the feeling behind them whenever you make future decisions. How did you feel after you realized you made that mistake? After you gave that loser a second chance. You know, the one who only called every 6 days and told you, amongst the 3 other girls

Now you find yourself back in a similar situation wondering what you should do. Apply. The same way you apply your mascara, apply what you’ve learned. Eventually, you’ll find yourself beating you up less simply because you will have mastered the idea that your mistakes are yours and see them as tools to enrich your life, not ruin it.

4. Live more. Exist less!

You’re young. You will never be as young as you are at this very moment. You are beautiful, you are spunky, full of life. You have so many ideas and contributions to still make, and so many memories to create. But in order to do so, you have to promise me this. Stop existing. Going through the motions of waking up, following a step-by-step routine day in and day out.

Make some changes.

Little things like three sugars in your coffee instead of just two. Or even bigger things like a road trip surrounded by love and good vibes. Make sure to live every day with the intention of making it the best day yet.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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