No Matter What Life Throws Our Way, I Promise This To You

Skies will be gray. Storms will brew. Flowers will wilt and reek of rot. The air will threaten to suffocate you. Times will not always be bright. The darkness of life is inevitable. There will be days when it will feel too much. There will be times when it feels like there is no point.

But there is more to life than this. There are rainbows. Life has wonders that will astound and amaze you. Songs that you have never heard before. And I have a simple promise for you. I promise that you will never have to face the darkness alone. You will see the light. The joys. The wonders. The small pleasures.

By your side, I shall stay. My love for you shall never waiver. It will remain the constant flame in the darkness. The woes of life shall never scare me. I shall stay by your side through it all. Forever and always.

All your demons will be welcomed. They will have a special place next to mine. Together, we will battle them. I will give you my strength. I will give you the very essence of my soul. Whatever it takes to keep the darkness at bay.

As life attempts to knock you down, I shall always be there to build you back up. A hand will always be waiting to pull you up, brush you off, and pass you the instrument you need to win.

Through misery and madness, my love shall never waiver. At your lowest low, I shall still love you. At your highest high, I shall still love you. When the madness overcomes you, driving you insane, I shall love you. No obstacle will be too much. The price of sanity is one I am forever willing to pay for you.

My love, my dearest, my darling. The one for me. My better half. I have a simple promise to offer. I promise to love you, no matter what. Let life throw what it may. I have you. You have me. That is all that matters in this world of ours. I promise that you shall never be alone. I promise that my love shall never fade.

We are in this together. I promise you that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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