When You Find 'The One' You Will Know

When You Find ‘The One’ You Will Know

When you find the one your soul needs, you will know. When you find the one that fills the gap within your soul, you will know. You will not feel empty or incomplete. You will know when you find the “One”. Your person. Your better half. The one that is only for you.

There is no planning for this. You may daydream about the “perfect” person that will fall into your life. You may even gossip with your closet of companions about certain qualities they must have or the requirements they must meet. They must be to a certain standard. They must be a certain height, weight, and have a specific lifestyle. Your friends and family will fall immediately in love. Life will be “perfect”. Or, so you think.

There is no planning for the one that finishes your song. There is no way to plan for the one that will match your steps. The one you need is the one that will love you unconditionally – that will not flinch at the pimples, the greasy hair, the dry skin, and the stretch marks. Every flaw you have, they will not see it as such. They will come into your life when you least expect it and when you need them the most. They will be a force to be reckoned with.

When you find the one, you will have the person you need. The one that can handle your crazy. The one that has no problem binge-watching Netflix or YouTube or Game of Thrones for hours on end. The one that will tell you how fine you look every single day. The one that will build you up in your time of need. Encourage you to take that leap. Inspire you. Motivate you.

They will stand strong beside you. Every moment of life together will flow together. Any problems you have will work out. There will be no judgments or conditions or expectations. Only support and the desire to help you succeed in life. Anything you will ever need in a person will be found in them.

When you find the one your soul needs, you will know. When you find them, hold them close. You will find them, just like they will find you. It will hit you out of the blue one day. All doubts will leave. You will know. Just have faith. They are there for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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