You’re Going To Feel Lost In Your 20s, Here’s How To Get Over That

For some, being in their early 20s is a very critical phase of the development of their future. This is where most people would start to build their career in an industry they wanted to be in. Some people would say that our early 20s would define where we would be for the next 10 years, but for the others this is just a period of adjustment where a lot of changes will be made.

While some would perceive their early 20s as a stage where in they can enjoy life and do things they wanted without having to worry for the future, there are a certain percentage of people out there that are still feeling lost.

Feeling lost would mean different from one another but we cannot deny the fact that it breaks us all inside. We tend to feel that we are unwanted and unappreciated by people we expect to like us. Employed or not, we can still have this feeling. Being lost because we just graduated and don’t know if we really wanted what we took up in college is just as the same weight of being lost at work because we don’t want our work or we have an unhealthy relationship with our colleagues.

When we feel lost, we also feel alone despite the fact that we have many friends around us giving advice, showing us that they truly care. Our feelings do not change just because of that. We are too busy to find someone that shares the same sentiment as ours and we forget the other side of the story. We are blinded by the negative thoughts that were built within us. Our hearts are clouded by the hatred, hurt, and pain that the situation brought us.

But the truth is, we feel lost because we let ourselves be in that position. We let ourselves be stuck in the same place we stayed years ago. We dwell too much in our past that we made it a basis of what we can do for the next years to come.

Society let us think that, what we have achieved for the past 20 years will be where our root should grow. This is not true. Our roots will grow where we personally planted our own seeds. These seeds will help us determine the future that we chose.

One seed to be planted is the seed of acceptance. This is where all should start. You have to accept that you are at a stage of your life where in you failed to assess yourself that also led to losing yourself. You have to accept that maybe you enrolled in the wrong program and that your whole college life is definitely a mess. Maybe, you have also let the best job offer go and just settle with the “good” one. But that doesn’t mean that you already fail in life.

Another seed to be planted is the seed of change. It is true that in your early 20s you will encounter a lot of changes, but that’s okay. You have to realize that nothing is permanent. Well, you do not want to be stuck to being lost forever right? You can always do something about it. You have to embrace change.

The third seed would be for the seed of relationship. We should not close our doors. We may feel alone at times, but that doesn’t mean nobody cares. We just need to learn how to express ourselves, listen to them, and reflect on what is on with your life now.

The last seed would be the seed of happiness. This is the most important one in order for the roots to grow. Take time to reflect and think of the things you wanted to do. You are unemployed and feeling lost and you do not feel that you are on the right track? Take another course! It’s never too late. You graduated with in Engineering but wanted to become a painter? Then so be it. Nothing can stop you from doing so. It’s just you who can dictate what to do. Do you feel unhappy at work? Then submit your resignation letter now! Do not be afraid to take risks.

Taking risks will lead you to a whole different place, a place where you can find yourself doing what you love. Doing what you love is different from loving what you do. You have the time. You are still young. You have the options. You just have to choose wisely! Enjoy life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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