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Everyday Reminders For My Baby Sister

I know you don’t like your nose
Or the way you think your hips flare out a bit too much at the sides
I know you think you can’t wear certain items of clothing
You’re mostly trying to hide

You Never Wanted To Listen So I Am Done Talking

You were never meant to hear the sounds of my soul
Or the stories crammed into my brain
So as I said my final farewell to your memory,
And my fingernails had stopped bleeding from scrubbing myself clean of you

This Is How You Will Let Them Go And Still Be Okay

Give into the reality on some nights and look back at old memories. Be cognizant of the fact that they deserve better than the broken pieces that both of you could not put back together. Slowly come to terms with the fact that they will not be coming back, that maybe they shouldn’t be coming back, and so you must stop waiting.