three purple flowers on body of water during rain

Finding Equilibrium

You live within the tranquility and stillness of the steady millpond. Your surroundings are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold.

The steady millpond now develops quivering ripples. Within your stomach, his soft cupid’s bow conceives butterfly cocoons of gold.

Suddenly, the neutral, pale sky turns into a vivid sky blue. The soft, pastel sun now shines brightly with a vibrant yellow.

The already sweet honey now tastes even more succulent, and the perfumed jasmine flowers that once went unnoticed couldn’t smell more fragrant and mellow.

He holds your hand, sending electric waves through the touch of his suave fingers.

The euphoria flowing through your figure is unbearable. You cry, laugh, and for that moment, become a wonderful singer.

With every “I love you” he says and every earth-shattering moment you share together, you see your sky saturating with more color than ever before. Your heart is filled to capacity with happiness.

You’ve reached a pinnacle in your emotions. You’re unable to control the grins that keep creeping up on your face as you contemplate the life you’re living: a life of sheer blissfulness.

Then you blink, and his soft, virile hands are no longer tangible. The sun no longer shines bright, and the sky has now lost its azure hue.

The butterfly cocoons of gold he had once conceived within your stomach now turn into pellets of burning acid. You look around, asking yourself, Is this true?

You now trudge along in the depths of the cold, rocky ocean. You live in gray gloom, never to trust the colors to appear again.

Your head throbs in agony as you drown, sinking away in the sorrow of your tears. Your eyes close, everything blank, and suddenly you receive a gift: your body and mind in a state of Zen.

The see-saw of your mind once again stands at a perfect parallel. The water is lukewarm and the millpond steady.

Accepting this moment, yet filled with optimism, you gaze towards the dull sky, hopeful it will once again turn vibrant sky blue for you when you are ready.

All I need is a pair of earbuds with Gorgon City playing, my fuzzy raccoon blanket, and a cup of chai in hand as I fly off to Peru in the sunset. That’s happiness.

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