Always Remember That Each Morning Is A Fresh Start

Farsai C.

Life really is a roller-coaster ain’t it? One minute we’re up. The next minute we’re down. It is so much of a roller-coaster ride that we expect the “down” moments. It’s like we are anticipating it to happen. It’s so inevitable that we tend to almost feel strange and even guilty during our “up” moments. “Why am I so happy? Something gotta be wrong! This is too good to be true” we argue with our puzzled being.

We can have amazing, positive things going for us, so much to look forward to, so much to be thankful for. But, if there’s one negative thing that is hurting us, lingering in our mind, or daunting our feelings; we are likely to dwell on it. We allow this negative thing to affect us mentally, physically and emotionally. Regrettably, because we allow this one negative thought or feeling to settle and grow in our minds and hearts, a good day turns into a bad one.

Maybe you’ve had a day or a week like this? The mental ordeal affected you so much that today’s plan was not completed or perhaps was not completed the way you initially aimed for. You felt like the day needed more than just 24 hours. Probably because you spent the majority of that time feeding yourself into that negativity.

This overwhelming and defeated feeling is seeded into your mind. The over thinking and disquietude commences. You ask yourself, “the day has ended and I am exhausted. It is time to rest, but why can’t I?” You are so ready to call it a day. To just “sleep off” the pain, the sadness, the disappointment. Sadly, your mind has other plans.

Can you relate yet? If so, do not feel culpable or embarrassed. It is human nature. It is part of being a human: feeling. Embrace it. Face it. Overcome it.

I encourage you to get rid of that uneasiness, the uneasiness that keeps you up at night by reminding yourself this: you can always start over, each morning. Each morning is a new opportunity, a new blessing, a new gift. Don’t end your day feeling defeated but rather triumphed as if tomorrow is the reward for today.

The same way we unconsciously expect things to go bad; for life’s roller-coaster to go down. We can also expect things to get better; for the roller-coaster to go back up. And for the days where this idea seems preposterous, remember: you can always start over, each morning. My friend, your life’s roller-coaster is going back up in the morning. Get ready! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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