After You Leave I Will Completely Let You Go

In two weeks you leave,
on a plane to somewhere my hands too short to reach.

In two weeks, I shall completely let you go.
I shall move on because you are no longer mine for the taking.
You were never mine to own.

In these two weeks I shall mourn,
for my heart is in pain,
but I know it is about to take a new shape.
A stronger one, a liberating one.

I shall spend the best last moments with you,
and cherish it and keep it close to me.
For you are different, you are something.

And after you are gone,
I shall miss you from time to time,
and my heart shall call out to you,
and I shall reminisce the afternoons we spent together.

I shall remember you as someone who came into my life
and taught me things I never thought were possible.

After two weeks, I shall look over to my side,
and hope that you are there,
and know that you are not,
but I shall not feel any pain.
Only longing, that shall fade with time,
only to leave behind great memories,
and that is what I shall always feel 
when I look at the empty seat beside me.

And after all that, I shall wish you the best,
with every ounce of sincerity in me.
So that both of us can live a great life,
to tell each other when we meet,
like no one ever left and time never passed.

In the meantime, I shall keep you closer.
I shall make up for my wrongdoings,
and forgive yours.
I shall let my heart breathe, slowly.
I shall see clearer, 
and know that everything that is happening,
is for the better.

In the end, you’ll just be another boy I’ve loved before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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