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31 One Tree Hill Quotes That Will Warm The Heart Of Your Inner Tween

One Tree Hill was my generation’s Saved by the Bell, The Wonder Years, and Melrose Place all rolled into one. It was also the backdrop to my over-anxious, bookworm-ish, braces-filled adolescence. Tree Hill was the kind of place I wish I lived…everyone was beautiful, even the popular kids were super nice, the plot twists were salacious and wildly dramatic, and, DAMN, could they turn a phrase.

The Forlorn Diet Of The Unpaid Intern

As an unpaid intern, one of the most dreaded questions your parents can ask is what you had for dinner. Unfortunately, you really only have one of two options.

13 People On the Words They’ll Never Forget

Think about how many people feel as though ending their life is in some way more manageable or more appealing than living it. And then think about what it takes to get to that place.

There Is No ‘Correct’ Way to Study Abroad

When I left for my first study abroad experience in France, I secretly wanted to be the person who could fit in anywhere, who could feel at home in any country or culture, the chic globetrotter, flying off to Paris for the weekend.