Why You Shouldn’t Be A DNB (A ‘Do Nothing Bitch’)

Twenty20 / arinaerish
Twenty20 / arinaerish

A plague has infected the internet, and its name is the DNB (Do Nothing Bitch).  Symptoms include, but are not limited to: an Instagram full of half-naked selfies, non-selfies that still manage to showcase your tits and/or ASSets, and other pictures that show how much you want to fuck yourself.  Good for you!  But did Susan B. Anthony and others fight tirelessly for women’s rights just so you could use VSCO cam AND Valencia to get perfectly filtered boobs because you’re thirsty for likes and validation?  When you are capable of so much more, why do you objectify yourself and otherwise rely solely on your sex appeal to get by?

It’s because you’re lazy and potentially insecure.  But there’s a cure for the DNB – it’s called DOING SOMETHING.

When questioned about her kick-ass physique, Ronda Rousey responded that her mother did not raise her to be a “do-nothing bitch.”  That is, Rousey was taught to value herself as more than just a beautiful object.  Granted, Rousey also happens to be attractive, but that shouldn’t detract from her powerful message: women have the power to take action if they choose to do so.

Here’s the thing: I firmly believe that everyone has the right to feel great about themselves.  For a lot of people, feeling great requires looking great.  In no way am I advocating that women stop wearing heels, makeup, or anything else that makes them look and feel their best.  However, a woman should be more than just a pretty face.

1. Looks fade.

It has often been said that beautiful young women should break the mirror early, so as to not put too much stock in the way they look.  As far-off as it may sound to many of us, there will come a day when our skin sags and our hair turns white.  Physical beauty is a flower that blooms and withers, and none of us can escape this biological reality (at least, not yet).  YOU WILL NOT BE HOT FOREVER (Exception: Meryl Streep. Is your name Meryl Streep? Didn’t think so).

2. Relationships can fail

Some people build their whole lives on other people.  That’s fine, but prepare to be let down.  More than 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Do you think all those people went into marriage thinking, “Yep, this thing will definitely fail – I give it five years”?  NO!  Happy people went in, and unhappy people came out.  It could happen to you!

What about children?  They’re cute when they’re little, and then they become teenagers and hate you.  Just kidding!  But seriously, your kids will grow up someday.  They require a lot of your time and energy for years, but if you do your job correctly, they will one day be able to fend for themselves.  Do you want to make your kids feel guilty about growing up because you devoted your entire life solely to them?

3. Passion is sexy

Imagine two “blind date” scenarios.  In both, you go to an Italian restaurant to meet someone for the first time.  Ceteris paribus (all other things equal), which one would you want to date?

Scenario 1: You ask your date what they like to do.  They respond, “Nothing really.  Well, I like to watch Netflix.  I guess I also enjoy eating… and sleeping!  Sometimes I sleep in until 4 pm, wake up, eat, and watch Netflix until I go to sleep again.”

Scenario 2: You ask your date what they like to do.  They respond, “I’m studying finance because I love math, but I also really enjoy writing music.  I play at open mics around the city on the weekends, and I’m working on recording an album.”

Guess what — 99 percent of people would rather date the person from the second scenario!  A person who has passion and drive is hotter than a person who does nothing, every single time.

4. Personal fulfillment.

Doing nothing with our lives is a huge waste of potential.  We are all born with unique abilities and talents.  Taking charge of our own lives is empowering.  The more we do, the more we believe we are capable of doing.  It’s Newton’s First Law: an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon.  We can seize control of ourselves and turn our lives into whatever we see fit.  The key is to DO SOMETHING!  If we don’t, we run the risk of people we don’t want to date… AKA “Do Nothing Bitches.”  Stop the plague – don’t be a DNB. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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