Black People Will Take Over The World

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Black people will take over the world.

Oppress a people for too long, and they will rise. History repeats itself. It’s a fact of nature.

They will change it, they will make it better. Look around you. The toughest circumstances produce the most resilient and innovative people. Be kind, be compassionate, they will be in charge soon enough.

While white people are spending all their money going to college to better their lives and follow the road to the promised land, while white people are lining up to go through the funnel to try to make something of themselves on the traditional path, black people and other “minorities” are not given the chance . They are forced to innovate. Forced to come up with different avenues to the traditional form of success. A mere 150 years ago, black people were not allowed to vote (in the USA). Now, a black man is the leader of the free world.

Look around you. Black people are not represented in our media, in our schools, in our politics. Black people are not in our universities or running our companies. They are systematically denied access to most of the same opportunities as white people, all the while, the average “not racist” white person carries on their merry way without paying any thought to the racial divides that exist in their own societies. Well white people beware. The most treacherous training grounds make for the most skilled professionals.

By systematically denying black people and other racial minorities equal opportunity, society is helping them to fine tune their skills. Society is forcing revolt. Society is taunting racial minorities to do something about it. Wait for it. It is on it’s way.

When my generation runs things, racism will be less overt than it is today. It will continue to be more and more subtle with each passing generation until one day things seem to finally be OK.

I challenge you to ask yourself what that will look like. It will not look like companies advertising the fact that they are “equal opportunity employers, and racial minorities are encouraged to apply”. It will not look like most current college campuses. It will not require a separate channel on TV. My strong hunch is that when equal opportunity finally arrives it will be on the backs of open minded, accepting individuals who reject the notions of racial inferiority taught to them by their parents and their predecessors in society. These individuals will not see all people as the same, but they will judge all people in the same way – based on the quality of their person. These individuals will not shy away from controversy, since they live with the controversy exposed on their skin. They individuals will struggle against the system and ultimately change it, since their struggle is inevitable, and anyways, it was the system’s idea in the first place.

My strong hunch is that those open minded, critically thinking, out-of-the-box thinkers will be predominantly black.

Look around you. What do you see? How long can you ignore the problem? Either way, YOU will be the catalyst for change. Help them up, or force them up, that is the decision. But either way, you will have an impact, and change is coming.


That little white girl. TC Mark

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