Why Bravery Is The Quality You Should Look For In A Partner

I’ve always been attracted to the brave ones.

It’s an attraction that I can’t entirely explain, but a quality I have learned to admire in the people who I meet. I find bravery intoxicating, in a good way.

When I think about what I am looking for in a partner, it’s actually quite simple- I want them to be brave. Because, the brave ones bring out the best in me.

Having a partner who is brave will help you find your own tough side. You will watch the way they handle life’s struggles with courage and you will learn how to do the same. Sometimes, all you need is to witness someone’s strength to understand that you possess the same trait. With them by your side, your fears don’t seem much like fears at all.

You won’t need to pretend anymore; their bravery is contagious.

They won’t be afraid to admit when they are wrong, and to tell you when you are overreacting. They are brave enough to be honest with you. When you argue (which you will), you will always know that it will come to a resolution.

They understand that life’s too precious to go to bed angry.

A partner who is brave will go after the things that are important to them. They won’t wait for their happily ever after to just happen, they will know what they want and they will make it happen.

They will write their happy ending themselves.

A partner who is brave is never a bystander; they are the first ones to speak up when someone (including themselves) is being treat unkind or unfair. They stick up for themselves and the people around them.

Their boldness is refreshing.

They won’t take the easy way, they will often choose the road less traveled, and Robert Frost was right; this will make all the difference.

Not having a sense of direction might be foreign to you but you will find your free spirit. What once was your fear of the unknown will turn into deep curiosity.

This road will be far from ordinary but so much more exciting.

A partner who is brave will open your mind to new experiences and new feelings you never knew existed. Ordinary things will become extraordinary, and each day will be a new adventure.

You will learn that every adventure is worthwhile.

A partner who is brave will let you live your own life, and will share their life with you as well. You will watch them chase after their dreams while you know that you are encouraged to do the same.

You will each have your own hopes and dreams, but will be each other’s biggest fans.

They will get to know you, your best traits and your delicacies, what makes you laugh and the few things in life that make you cry. The best part of this is that you won’t be afraid to cry in front of them.

They will become your best friend.

They will thrive off their independence, but will understand that if they ever need you, you will be by their side in a heartbeat. Being brave doesn’t mean that they have to only rely on themselves.

They will be brave enough to let themselves fall in love with you.

A partner who is brave doesn’t look back or dwell on the past. Backwards isn’t the direction they are going in. They understand that people make mistakes (they make mistakes, too).

They don’t believe in holding grudges or bitterness- they believe in forgiveness.

When you find a partner who is brave, appreciate everything they have to offer you.

They are a partner that is worth waiting for, because by being with them, you will learn that you are a brave one too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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