Pajamas Over People: Your Guide To Staying Home This Weekend

Pajamas Over People
These recommendations are for the weekend: Friday May 24, 2013 thru Sunday May 26, 2013. As an often antisocial, television loving, Internet exploring, self-excluding individual, I feel that the art of being a homebody is an area of my expertise. So, by the powers vested in me, I’d like to officially guide any individuals choosing to remain home this weekend as best as I can. Stock up on two days worth of snacks and drinks, grab your sweatpants, check your Wi-Fi and follow my lead. Let’s form a society or something. We’ll call it HA – Homebody Association. Acronyms are cool, good for us.

Netflix Recommendations (Movie & Television Show):

MOVIE: This weekend we should all take part in the cinematic adventure that is The Cabin In The Woods. Now, I actually watched this in theaters when it first came out and I feel it’s my duty as Chief Pajama Officer to let you know that this movie can only be summed up in the commonly used acronym, ‘WTF.’ Seriously — for the last thirty minutes or so you’ll be sitting there puzzled thinking, “What in the hell am I watching?” People ask me if I liked it and to this day I’m not even sure to make of it. Please, join me in viewing this strange, unexplainable film so we can attempt to form an opinion on it.

TV: Lost. Let’s begin with season one, episode one because this is a highly rated, widely loved series. I never watched the show when it was airing, but I remember a friend would always yell “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!” and it was in reference to a famous line/scene from this show, so I figure now is a good time to learn some pop culture history 5 years late. If you’ve never seen an episode, this should be a fun series to begin, and perhaps even binge all the way through. If you’ve already been there, done that and you got the t-shirt, welp, perhaps you should move along to YouTube surfing.

YouTube Surfing:


Here’s how this works, your computer is your board, my suggestion is a wave and from there, you ride it all over YouTube. As a resident of Arizona, I’m well aware of our reputation for being… not so accepting, or pleasant, or logical or decent – and this video will only be a skid mark on the already dirty drawers of AZ, and I can’t refrain from sharing it.

This couple owns a place called Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, and they are simply two delusional ass clowns who have no business running a business. A shorter version of this has been circulating the web, it’s basically a smaller portion of the best clips from this Kitchen Nightmares episode, but because I love y’all dearly I’ve included the full episode. Trust me, if ever you’re going to use 41 minutes on reality TV, this is a worthy time to do so. It’s just two legitimately crazy folks baking cakes, making dry salmon burgers and terrorizing customers & employees while failing with flair. I have half a mind to take a trip there and experience this crooked ‘restaurant’ first hand, but that would probably require wearing something other than pajamas and leaving home for a lengthy drive. Hmm, pajamas > people, but witnessing stupid people > pajamas, right?


[youtube is a song titled Humdrum Town by Theophilus London and I feel like it sounds as amazing as smores taste. This beautiful jam is just one of many brilliant pieces of music created by London. I highly recommend giving this song a few plays, then exploring the rest of his stuff, as I’m confident there’s something of his that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

What’s on the menu?:

While earlier I mentioned the blunders and misfortunes of living in Arizona, there are some benefits — the biggest one being our elite Mexican food. There’s something here called a Sonoran hotdog that I’d like all of you to attempt. I know, you’re probably thinking ‘I don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing food’ but I’d like to counter that by informing you that bacon is involved.

Great — now that I’ve got your attention, it’s essentially just a hotdog wrapped in said bacon, then doused in small chunks of tomatoes, mustard, beans, grilled onions, jalapeno sauce and mayonnaise. Now, as someone who hates that thick, white, monstrosity of a condiment, I can vouch for this. It’s like the rest of the ingredients combined, somehow un-shitty the taste of mayo. Hopefully you give this concoction a real shot, but I don’t blame you if you just end up eating an entire packet of bacon.


I’m going to begin reading World War Z by Max Brooks because 1) I love anything zombie related and 2) I want to have read the story before Brad Pitt & company release the feature film in the near future. If you’re not in a reading mood but wouldn’t mind some picture book style entertainment, check out this weekend’s website suggestion below.

Website Suggestion:

Ready for some ‘awws’ and emotions to be felt? I present to you ‘Animals With Stuffed Animals’ and it reaches levels of cuteness that I’m not sure all of you can handle. Be prepared, I had trouble not tightly hugging the laptop that I viewed the photos on.

Hey, homebodies —Tweet or email me your ideas, suggestions and cautionary tales of YOUR weekend in! #PajamasOverPeople TC Mark

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