Pajamas Over People: Your Guide To Staying Home This Weekend

Pajamas Over People: Your Guide To Staying Home This Weekend

These recommendations are for the weekend: Friday May 31, 2013 thru Sunday June 2, 2013. As an often antisocial, television loving, Internet exploring, self-excluding individual, I feel that the art of being a homebody is an area of my expertise. So, by the powers vested in me, I’d like to officially guide any individuals choosing to remain home this weekend as best as I can. Stock up on two days worth of snacks and drinks, grab your sweatpants, check your Wi-Fi and follow my lead. Let’s form a society or something. We’ll call it HA – Homebody Association. Acronyms are cool, good for us.

Netflix Recommendations (Movie & Television Show):

MOVIE: End Of Watch has arrived to Netflix and it is certainly worth 108 minutes of your weekend. Not since Training Day has such a high quality, epic cop story been told. It’s about police patrolling the streets of South Central Los Angeles, and it finds a way to be hilarious, suspenseful and dramatic, all in one long emotional rollercoaster ride. You’ll sit there in the living room, laughing and crying by yourself – then you’ll play the movie and you’ll laugh and cry some more.

TV: Obviously Arrested Development’s new season if you already haven’t, but since most of you probably binge watched, it’s only right that there’s a second recommendation this week. I’m rolling with Scandal because I’ve heard great things about it from sources that tend to be fairly picky about what they’ll watch on TV. Supposedly it’s quite suspenseful so when End Of Watch leaves you on the edge of your seat, you can stay put for episodes of this show as well.

YouTube Surfing:

[youtube is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube and of course, it involves dogs. It’s pretend diary entries of sad dogs, narrated by a deep, serious voice and I guarantee you will laugh and be led on the beginning of a lengthy, strange journey across YouTube.


[youtube song, Love Hate Thing by Wale off of his upcoming album “The Gifted” has basically been blaring through my headphones constantly since I first heard it. It samples a classic Marvin Gaye track so it has a very old school sound to it, then Wale’s flow is poetic creating one of my personal favorite hip-hop songs that I’ve heard in a while. If you enjoy, give Wale, and perhaps his Pandora Station full of similar artists a further look.

What’s on the menu?:

Oversized bowls of cereals, but let’s try mixing two different types. For example, I’ll be attempting Fruity Pebbles combined with Fruit Loops because that can’t possibly taste anything less than amazing. In a more risky endeavor, I will add Honey Smacks with Corn Pops. I know, I know, I’m quite the daredevil, huh?


This week I will be reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The book explores the important link between a successful person and their culture, generation and opportunity. Basically describing how certain people in particular fields have certain advantages depending on the time they were born and various other factors. I’m hoping that by the end, I’ll have an explanation for why I’m so uncoordinated and bad at people. Fingers crossed.

Website Suggestion:

So this Tumblr called Awesome People Hanging Out Together has pictures of actors and actresses and musicians and athletes and all types of public figures hanging out with each other. I don’t know, for some reason I find it cool to see Idris Elba and Hugh Laurie sharing a drink together, and if you enjoy pop culture, surely you’ll find a photo or two here that will satisfy you. Until next week, happy homebody-ing.

Hey, homebodies —Tweet or email me your ideas, suggestions and cautionary tales of YOUR weekend in! #PajamasOverPeople TC Mark

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