10 Awesomely Unique Smells That Give Nosegasms


1. Inbound rain. Just like a stripper who spots a rapper entering an Atlanta club, you can step outside with the certainty of a weather man and know that there’s a 100% chance of rain. This is especially enjoyable on the nostrils when it’s a hot summer day and those raindrops land against the hot pavement.

2. New car. Maybe the excitement of getting a new car and the smell they initially have are directly linked in our minds, and that’s why we find it so pleasing. I’m skeptical about that theory though, because I’ve sat in an acquaintance’s new car that I was slightly resentful and envious of, and the smell was just as fantastic.

3. Charcoal BBQ. When you stand within the circumference of the grilling’s smoke, it’ll actually seep into the fibers of your clothing and leave you smelling like BBQ for the day – which, to me, is a friggin’ blessing. Then again, I secretly enjoy going in Subway for five minutes and having its fragrance linger on me for the next five hours.

4. Swimming pools. It’s all about the chlorine. What a multitasking chemical it is — killing germs and greeting our nostrils with a unique smell that’s capable of reminding us of past summers and pool party memories.

5. Library books. It’s interesting that Barnes & Noble or Borders’ brand new, untouched books don’t have that same, pleasurable scent of old, used, seasoned veteran books. It’s weird, but sometimes I like to take library books and flip their pages fast enough to create a miniature gust of publicly used paperback wind. Okay, I’ve said too much – on to the next.

6. Newly cut grass. That aroma is pretty much the only silver lining of mowing a lawn, which is in the running with dirty dishes and laundry as the most undesirable chore in existence. It’s always nice if you can catch groundkeepers doing maintenance on a field of some sort, and reap the benefits of trimmed grass without the burden of doing the work.

7. Sharpies. They impose their will and anything you write with them looks like this sentence. Honestly, when we outgrew Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, our only real option was to adopt a new writing utensil smell to indulge in, and Sharpies fit that bill. No, they don’t smell like a fruit, but there’s something unexplainably appealing about those permanent markers and their odor. Also, highlighters aren’t as pungent so they never stood a fighting chance.

8. Freshly paved roads. The potholes being fixed doesn’t hurt either, but this smell is probably the most hated one on this list. The thing as, for everyone that can’t stand it, there’s someone who likes it – and I’m one of the latter.

9. Gasoline. While we dread having our bank accounts violated every time we fill up, the smell of petrol makes the pump seem a little less evil. How could something so cruel to your finances be full of something so charming to your schnozzle? I feel like if we were cars, gasoline would taste like our favorite flavor of Gatorade – just a theory for now, but I’m working out the kinks to legitimize my hypothesis.

10. A candle immediately after it has been blown out. There are thousands of candle scents, but the day they make one that recreates the smell of a room immediately after one has been put out would be mind blowing and redundant, and I’d buy all of them. A blown out candle, candle – you heard it here first, I want my royalties when it’s invented. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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