Video Of The World’s Largest Ship Being Built Is A Metaphor For Life

[vimeo w=584&h=390]

In this time-lapse video above we are shown 76 seconds of strenuous work that in actuality took place over a 3 month span. It’s beautiful to see day turn to night and empty spaces be filled with massive objects in a second or two, but it reminds me of a valuable life lesson that has been worded differently thousands of times, but in this case would sound something like:

Don’t strive to build the world’s largest, most magnificent ship in one day, all that will do is put you in a hasty scramble and leave you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. Focus on assembling things in the best possible fashion, doing your highest quality of work every single second, minute, hour — day. Then, before you know it, you’ll have your big, beautiful ship. TC Mark

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