The 'Catfish' Drinking Game

The 'Catfish' Drinking Game

Drink if you chuckle when Max interrupts Nev’s deep speech by asking, “What are you blathering about?” in the show’s opening sequence.

One sip every time you catch yourself looking at Nev’s excessive chest hair.

Take a shot every time Nev discovers new information via a simple Google reverse image search.

Do a shot if a 3 or 4 is under the impression that they’re in love with a 9 or 10. Use your own judgement of physical appearances. (Don’t be afraid to get shallow, catfish only swim in the deep end during the daytime anyway.)

Take three sips every time Nev’s silver fox sidekick, Max un-sugarcoats something Nev worded too nicely.

Two sips when every zoomed in, pixelated image of someone is shown on a computer screen.

Give someone of your choice a shot of canned tunafish water if you can predict the ending of this episode within the first two minutes. That means if things end up on good or bad terms, the mystery person’s gender, race and the first initial of their real name.

Take a shot when the mystery person displays hostility, despite being deceitful and entirely in the wrong.

Three sips every time something makes you feel genuinely uncomfortable. (This is partially for the game and partially because a little booze will ease that awkward feeling.)

Chug your drink every time somebody cries.

A shot of fireball for every ginger involved Catfish.

Four sips every time the strangers finally meet and share a super-awkward, cringe worthy greeting.

Drink every time something disturbs you so much that you consider un-friending a person on Facebook due to your uncertainty of their authenticity.

When a transition features the music of an unknown band and shows Nev and company driving somewhere, drink until that sequence is over.

If someone thinks they’re talking to a model, finish your brew as you shake your head like, you should know better.

Start a new drink every time the person being Catfish’d has a good, yet crappy friend who is supporting them, but failing to harshly talk some sense into their naïve pal.

Have a Jägerbomb whenever stuff is being shown through the dash cam.

Do a double shot ever time the story begins to resemble an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

Shot of Jameson every time Nev and Max are maxin’ and relaxin’ in a hotel room, discussing some sort of Catfish related shenanigans.

Two sips when a friend on Facebook or Twitter uses any of the following acronyms in reference to the episode: WTF, OMG, OMFG, LOL, LMAO, LMFAO, ROFL.

Drink every time a commercial break interrupts a climaxing moment that you were really anticipating.

If the people involved turn out to be who they initially said they were, and both parties involved are satisfied, drink every last drop of booze remaining. TC Mark

image – MTV Catfish

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