The Good Cry Playlist

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Ah, there’s nothing like a good cry. Been dumped? Going through heavy stuff? Hate your life in general? Just having a bad day? Everyone has those times and when there’s no hard liquor around, waterworks are the next best solution. There’s nothing in this world that better accompanies a heavy flow of tears than music. The right (or wrong?) melody is capable of turning barely watery eyes into a full-blown hysterical weep session. Basically music multiplies our emotions significantly. Whether it makes us happy, pumped up, angry or super sad, most songs are capable of making us feel something.

So if you need a nice, good cry, this playlist can serve as your enabling companion. The peanut butter to your jelly, the Luigi to your Mario, the dealer to your addiction. One suggested method of use for this list would be a lengthy, nighttime drive that’ll allow you to roll the windows down, inhale some crisp, fresh air and let the tears stream on down. Another good option would be to lock yourself in your room where nobody will have access to your sloppy, excessively sentimental condition. Whatever setting you choose, allow yourself to succumb to the inevitable, sad sensations that will knock on the door of your heart.

Every song won’t make you ball but it will evoke something. Expect a diverse mix that offers slow, painful Coldplay cries and upbeat, poignant Eminem. In addition there are plenty of artists that aren’t mainstream, so there’s likely to be a chunk of tunes that are new to your ears. Grab your Kleenex and embark on a cathartic journey that’ll feel down at various points, but surely better when it’s over.

Listen to the playlist on 8tracks here. TC Mark

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