Run Away With Me Or Run Away From Me

This is the crossroads. The ultimatum. The end of one step forward and seven steps back. The conclusion of a lengthy, weathering limbo that’s lasted entirely too long. Nobody wants to be pressured into these decisions, at least not right now. Making this call is something you want to do on your own terms, not with a metaphorical gun to your head. The options being given are clear and concise, but they’re also polar opposites. Take my hand and run away with me, or cut these ties, burn this bridge and run away from me.

Think about it, we could leave and start fresh somewhere else. I picture it beautifully in my mind; us driving cross-country, laughing, smiling – happy. Your hair blows in the wind, we make jokes, sing songs, eat snacks and most importantly, we don’t even think to look back. In real life this would probably be different. We’d probably be stuffed asses to elbows on a funky Greyhound bus, eating stale Cheetos while watching Hulk in Spanish. And not the Edward Norton one, the Eric Bana 2003 version. There’ll be no hair flowing in the wind or song singing, but at one point the bus’ A/C will generate a breeze big enough to tickle your eyelashes and the squeaky brakes will serve as music to our ears.

That’s just honest. There’s a strong possibility that running away won’t be as easy or well lit as the movies make it seem. In films they have bottomless purses and wallets, full of infinite funds that make money management a non-factor. They don’t struggle in the least bit. Also, they look way better than we’re going to after lengthy trips. There’ll be no makeup artists covering blemishes and fixing misplaced strands of hair, just you and I in all of our unkempt glory. What it lacks in glamour it makes up for in authentic feelings and a genuine bond.

Running away together shouldn’t be imagined as a bummer, because it would be the greatest decision ever made. It’s just better that I prepare you to hope for the best and prepare for the worst so that if we land somewhere in between you can appreciate the bad that comes with the good. I mean, that’s a fair trade, right? Some garbage along with some gold? I’d accept. Because regardless of what’s happening, the most important thing is that these highs and lows are experienced in each other’s company. As bad as Hulk is, I’d be watching next to you and that makes it 100% more bearable.

Then there’s the other option. It may seem cold and callous, but it’s necessary. When two people have connected — I mean really grown attached, they’ll either remain together forever or at some point, deal with a painful separation. The more time elapsed, the more adoration and feelings developed; the stronger the relationship will be. And the more excruciating the pain when we have to walk in different directions – or in this case, run.

It’s a risk jumping without a parachute and banking on someone to catch you. I know that’s asking a lot, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m asking. Take a chance and run away with me or leave now, quickly so we can spare ourselves some additional damage when things inevitably go awry in the future. Why drag this out for six more months? Every hour, minute and second will be responsible for one more piece of our shattered hearts, so let’s not add to that number if we don’t have to.

If you’re going to run away from me then do so as fast as possible, because I’ll probably chase after you. And despite how much it’ll suck as I sprint in your direction, I don’t want to be able to catch up and prolong the inevitable. Move hastily because this may seem crappy now, but it’ll only get worse with time. Or you can take that chance on me. Bank on another human being to deliver what you need in a companion. More importantly, you’d be taking a chance on us. Sure it’s a high risk but imagine the potential reward. Picture the happiness we could share, the life we could create. There are only two acceptable options here. The walking in circles has to end shortly, and you need to run. The only question is if you’ll do so with or away from me. TC Mark

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