10 Reaction Faces To “I Like You” And What They Mean

Putting yourself out there is a tough task and admitting to feelings makes you vulnerable. As a person who’s overcome the initial fears and taken the initiative to confess my admiration to past crushes, here are some of the things I’ve seen and the gist of what they imply.

1. OMG In A Good Way


It’s the happy, surprised look you’d see from somebody who just won $100 on a scratch ticket. This is a good thing. Your feelings are mutual and now you can begin that mushy stage of uncontrollable adoration.

2. OMG In A Bad Way


It’s similar to that shocked look a person gets when they see a car wreck, so that’s gives you an idea of their inner emotions. This definitely isn’t what you want to get in return for your declaration of feelings but if you do, know that your words had the effects of two heavyweight chunks of steel and metal colliding at a high speed.

3. I’m Going To Make You Regret This


Your feelings are reciprocated tenfold and you’re about to get more than you bargained for. Have you ever tried to stop a gushing nosebleed but your little ball of tissue can’t handle the heavy flow? That person is a bloody nose. You are a single sheet of tissue. Good luck. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a high chance he/she has a gum sculpture of you sitting in a candle lit shrine, much like Helga Pataki did of Arnold.

4. Of Course You Do, Look At Me


Those aesthetically blessed folks who just look so dang gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, etc. are constantly being sought after and treated special because of their physical superiority. Some are humble while others – not so much. This expression is just like a, duh, everybody likes me, welcome to reality type of deal. Don’t fret, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last to receive it.

5. Uh-Oh, I’m Going To Smile Until I Figure Out How To Gently Reject You


This sweet person hates that they are about to have to crush your spirits, but luckily they’ve seen enough romantic comedies to serve you with a sweet cliché that will make you feel bad, but not horrible enough to quit liking them. Welcome to the land of rejection, please unpack your belongings and get ready for a lengthy stay.

6. I Already Knew That But I’m Nice So I’ll Act Surprised


Your feelings are pretty blatant but you think you’re spilling some big secret. The sweetheart that your crush is, they’ll pretend to be flabbergasted by your revelation. Look for the exaggerated smile and slightly terrified wide eyes to identify genuine disbelief from an acting job. This isn’t a definitive good or bad thing, but at least it’s not the next one.

7. It Physically Hurts To Hear That


Pretty much everything described in ‘OMG In A Bad Way’ but worse. If the person cringes like they’re about to get a shot from a doctor or someone is yelling loudly in their ear, that’s no bueno. For whatever reason they want no part of your crush. Maybe try laughing it off and hitting them with a little just kidding action.

8. Hubba Hubba


If you see this look — any fingers or lips being licked, passionate stares or seductive gazes, that means they like you in some manner and physical contact is about to ensue. Usually this ends with an alarm clock waking you up, but if it happens in real life then consider yourself the lucky minority!

9. I’m Too Busy Being Famous To Acknowledge Your Existence

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Despite your persistent pleas with the universe, tweets and pictures on your vision board, your celebrity crush is far too busy being perfectly photogenic at big events to acknowledge your liking of them. Don’t worry, Rashida Jones hasn’t gotten back to me yet either.

10. So Do You See That Person Over There? That’s My Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Oh boy, this is awkward. You might be screwed depending on how aggressive their lover is. Most of the time you already know if the person you like is in a relationship, but if this happens there’s not right answer as to what you should do. Maybe fake faint or just pretend like you’re asleep. TC Mark

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