Happy Birthday Donald Glover And Childish Gambino, These Are 10 Of Your Finest Moments

Comedian, writer, rapper, actor. Today marks the 29th birthday of the ridiculously talented Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. The man is gifted in multiple facets, providing us with comedy in the form of sketch, standup, sitcom and film. If that isn’t enough he’s also creating some of the most captivating rap music out right now. His lyrics are complex and often worthy of a Google search to entirely grasp. Not to mention the fact that Gambino’s words are often meaningful and relatable to anyone who’s ever been bullied, self-conscious, or vulnerable.

In celebration of one of the most skilled individuals currently out there, here are some of Glover/Gambino’s best comedy moments and songs.

1. The Spanish Rap

To start things off, it only makes sense to show Glover doing a combination of his best tricks in one clip. This Spanish rap verse from NBC’s Community is comedy gold. And while his lyrics rhyme, but form meaningless sentences, they’re still so much better than a good chunk of real-life rappers out today.

2. Glover On Kids

During his standup special, Weirdo, Glover told this cruel story of a kid making fun of another child’s wheelchair bound mother, and compared a couple of the potential consequences of not wearing a condom. Specifically having kids vs. obtaining a deadly disease.

3. Drunk Baby

The concept of an intoxicated infant performing the humiliating drunken habits of adults is unexplainably funny. The drunk dial, the keys being taken away, the aggressive attempts to make out with someone – it’s all too familiar for many.

4. Heartbeat

For those caught in the “Modern Dating Struggle” or some variation of it, this song describes a situation many can relate to.

5. Troy’s Sneezes

Glover’s character, Troy Barnes reveals his embarrassingly high-pitched, ladylike sneeze resulting in teasing. What’s even funnier is Troy’s rebuttal and immediate recognition of his poorly phrased comeback.

6. Glover Plays A Psycho, Stalker, Ex

Donald Glover being angry + Radiohead’s music = Awesome.

7. Bonfire

This particular song offers a prime example of the skilled lyricist that Childish Gambino is, but the video is equally compelling. I’d suggest watching and creating your own theory of its meaning, as it is a very thought provoking three minutes.

8. Racist

Quite possibly the best ten second exchange in sitcom history.

9. Every Time Donald Glover (Troy) Cries On Community

I’ve never found so much joy in another’s sadness, but watching Donald Glover’s priceless reactions to things leaves me no choice. Throughout Community’s three seasons, Troy (Glover) has hit the waterworks habitually. And when he cries, we laugh.

10. This Interview Between Gambino And Glover

Donald Glover and his alter ego came together for this satire interview in which they exchange words in a hypothetical world where they’re two separate people. In real life they are one, unfairly talented dude who I think is just getting started.

We should all say Happy Birthday to Donald Glover and thank him for his awesome work. The music that carries a necessary message, the laughs through various sources, and the general coolness that gives nerds everywhere a little hope. Everyone should get familiar, but if you’re not, think of it this way — James Franco is the white Donald GloverTC Mark

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