20 More Feelings And Situations That Everybody Hates

The first 20 Feelings And Situations That Everybody Hates can be found here.

1. The cringe worthy moment when you get out of the car with your cellphone in your lap, and it smashes against the ground leaving scratches and nicks. If you’re particularly unlucky you get a cracked screen too.

2. Something happens and you’re overpoweringly amused by it. Either nobody else finds it funny, or they chuckle and move on. You continue laughing hysterically. This is specifically bad when it happens in a professional setting and you genuinely can’t control the laughter.

3. Having someone say, “Guess what I heard about you?” or “We need to talk.” – resulting in your heart skipping a beat or two.

4. When a friend has some degree of success and you’re happy for them, but also kind of jealous. Then you feel doubly bad because you should be proud of them, but you kind of wish it was you getting the good fortune.

5. Touching something that’s wet and having no idea how it got that way. There’s nothing worse than unidentified moisture on your hands.

6. Realizing that although the phrase “10 years ago” makes you think of the early 90s, it’s actually referring to 2002 and time is moving scarily fast.

7. Being in the middle of a bowel movement and realizing that there is little to no toilet paper left. Typically there’s not any TP within reaching distance, resulting in some type of uncomfortable (potentially embarrassing) actions taken to acquire a new roll.

8. Making plans with someone, arriving early, and sitting alone like a loser. Then being forced to scroll through old text messages, check Facebook and pretend to be occupied by your phone.

9. A friend openly discussing your plans in front of someone else that you didn’t invite and don’t particularly enjoy being around. Now they’ll either invite themselves, or you’ll feel rude and offer them an invitation out of pity.

10. After a long day of interacting with people, finally coming face to face with a mirror and realizing that you had something on your face or in your teeth/nose. It’s the same humiliating feeling you have when you trip in public — but it’s retroactive and multiplied by however many people saw you up close.

11. Nodding your head, tapping your feet, moving to the music and realizing that it’s a song from an artist you’re embarrassed to thoroughly enjoy.

12. Waiting anxiously for a reply text, then realizing that you never actually sent yours out. It’s insult to injury when you don’t notice this until it’s too late at night to send the message.

13. Feeling like you’re being replaced – whether it’s by a friend, a significant other or anyone you had a close relationship with. Suddenly you can relate to Woody and his Toy Story crew’s deepest fears of being traded and forgotten — and it ain’t a very pleasant.

14. The disenchantment that comes with a sign advertising “CHOCOLATE LABS FOR SALE,” and grasping that it’s in reference to puppies – not Wonka factory-esque laboratories.

15. When a person enters your room without knocking and exits without fully shutting the door. Um, since when is knocking not basic manners? And how hard is it to leave the door as you ever so rudely entered it.

16. Going out for sushi with friends and being the only one with incompetent fingers that can’t properly use chopsticks. Nobody wants to be the person using forks or fingers to eat their California Rolls.

17. Hearing a recording of your voice and absolutely hating the sound of every word that comes out of your mouth. It makes you question how anyone can stand being in the presence of your voice.

18. Being in a quiet room full of people, and having your stomach decide to let itself be heard. It’ll growl and make noises that sound like the rumbling engine of a school bus.

19. Having bills consume your paycheck immediately after your get it. Then the proceeding two weeks in which you’re forced to live on the tightest of budgets.

20. You’re beyond tired, watching TV on the couch and you fall asleep. You muster up the strength to drag your exhausted body to bed, plop yourself down – and suddenly you’re wide-awake. It’s as if your pillow injected 5-Hour Energy directly into your blood stream, the moment you laid your face on it. TC Mark

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  • Claire

    one who eats california rolls as sushi would be the one eating by hand/fork

    • taylorvon

      oh…i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought that…

  • onyae

    I love all of these. I need to learn how to use chopsticks and balance my money more

  • HK

    chocolate lab puppies are VERY enchanting, tyvm

    • Samuel

      I would MUCH rather come home with a chocolate lab than laboratory equipment

  • nicole

    oh god number 6. all. the. time.

  • Anna Howell

    Number three is when you get all “Fried Green Tomatoes” on the offending vehicle. “Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance!”

    • Anna Howell

      Sorry, this was meant for the original list, not part II. Reposting on the right one…

  • http://gravatar.com/roosterjane roosterjane

    only thing i would add since it happened to me while reading this:

    21) taking the time to cook a from-scratch meal that looks and smells delicious, and biting into it to find….. waa waa, you’re actually a terrible cook.

    • Emily

      taking the time to cook a from scratch meal that actually turned out delicious, but not feeling the least bit hungry, let alone any desire to eat it. don’t know what it is but cooking a meal myself just kills my appetite. maybe i taste along the way too much…

  • http://facebook.com/kristi.keorkunian Kristi K

    #7: Use the roll.

    You’re welcome.

    • nicole

      it’s embarrassing how many times i’ve had to do that

  • http://twitter.com/soyfantomas El Gato Volador (@soyfantomas)

    Losing all your family because of a narco war going on in your country… I hate it.

  • http://notchangingmyname.wordpress.com notchangingmyname

    #6 – omg I thought I was the only one this happened to!

  • Shihwei

    Reblogged this on La Vie.

  • http://twitter.com/blwente Brandon Wente (@blwente)

    #19 – Multiply by 100 when your paycheck only comes once a month.

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  • mintmocha

    #8 is me. ALL. THE. TIME. Even when I try to be late, everyone else is even more late.

  • Carrie

    #14 should actually read: The disenchantment that comes with a sign advertising “CHOCOLATE LABS FOR SALE,” and realizing you have neither the money nor the place of residence to possess one of these adorable creatures.

  • http://courtneysking.wordpress.com courtneysking

    Ah, the horrible stomach growl. I know it well, but I would love to see a sign for labs.

  • Rbecks

    Ahh such a great list, but particularly resonating are:

    #6 – to the degree that for years into my university undergrad, I would constantly refer to grade 10, 11, or 12 as “last year”.

    #10 – except that it’s often because I’ve thrown my hair up in a RIDICULOUS looking style with the nearest clip or elastic on hand, right after getting out of the shower just so it’s out of my way while I finish getting ready, only to remember (in the middle of my work day or after a meeting with my boss) that I never actually combed or styled it and it’s now dried in the most unflattering way.

    #15 – my dad did this ALL the time, particularly when I was sleeping in, to ask me something so very unimportant, which meant I’d have to drag myself out of the most comfortable, warm bed just to close the door properly. When I got back into bed it wasn’t ever as comfy or cozy as it was before I got up. WHY? Why was this necessary??

    Thanks for a great read and some good laughs, Chris. Loved this article, so very relatable, for so many people.

  • Emily

    That was awesome – was basically going ‘yup, that’s totally me’ to everything but 14. Unfortunately, my new awareness that chocolate labs can be interpreted in a Wonka-esque light is probably just going to result in another disappointing situation I’ll hate. If I had to pick the ones that resonated the most:
    #6 – glad to know I’m not the only one that feels slightly freaked out by this. Everything seems to be going by so fast and its weird to think how much change has taken place and how it’s only going to change more rapidly.
    #16 – multiply the shame by 10 if you’re half-Asian like me. Or any amount of Asian.
    #20 – why, why, why does this happen all the time. So frustrating. Those nights I feel all tired out and expecting to fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow are always the nights I end up tossing around for 2 hours, then getting up and consuming half the contents of my fridge while reading article after article online with increasingly glazed over eyes. collapse into bed around 5am and wake up hours later wanting to die.

  • http://gravatar.com/nataliespracticeblog natalieasaurus

    #2 and #5… so terrible. so true. not being able to appropriately control your laughter is the worst.

  • http://mgakabaliwannijackluna.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/goor-read/ Goor Read | Secrets. Deception. Pain.
  • Victor

    Related to #10 is when you find out that you have obvious stains (food, if you’re lucky) on your clothing after you’ve been interacting with people all day. Worse case scenario, you’ve sat on something and have walked around with an unsightly stain on your ass that everyone has noticed, wondered what it was and probably thought the worst. Related to that, is after you wash your hands and accidentally splash water on the crotch area of your pants, and then have to go and face people before the wet patch dries off.

  • http://coveredinstickynotes.com allirense

    I find 8 and 20 to be the most annoying. For number 20, I’d also add something about how I can fall asleep right away in the middle of the afternoon when I know I shouldn’t be napping but when it’s bedtime I just lie there feeling wide awake. And yes, this even happens on nights when I haven’t napped.

    “There’s nothing worse than unidentified moisture on your hands.” – That cracked me up!

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