10 Things We Shouldn’t Share With Friends

1. Thunder. I’m not referring to the rumbling noise that follows lightning. This use of ‘thunder’ signifies the attention or spotlight being shined on someone. When it’s you or a friend’s special moment, it should belong solely to that individual. Nobody should use someone else’s big announcement or good news as an opportunity to leapfrog them with their personal revelations. Sadly some feel as if everything is a competition, and they must top everyone they know. It’s perfectly fine to not be the topic of conversation sometimes. Let others shine without a co-star.

2. Loofas. Loofas exfoliate. Exfoliating is the process of removing a layer of dead skin, dirt and any other gross stuff occupying someone’s body. That being said, if you’re willing to use another person’s loofa, you should probably question your decision-making skills as well as lack of personal hygiene awareness.

3. Exes. Pretty much nothing good can come of trading romantic companions amongst a group of pals. Perhaps it’ll work for a period of time but eventually someone’s feelings will get hurt, and friendships will be compromised. I’m a firm believer in a person being off limits once they’ve dated a member of your inner circle, but different strokes for different folks.

4. Bowel Movement Stories. When people talk about poop at the dinner table, someone will cut them off and say that it’s not the place. Here’s the thing — there’s never truly a time or place where people want to hear detailed bathroom tales. Besides the rare moments in which a poop joke is timely and hilarious, we can do without ’em. Keep that (pun in 3, 2, 1…) sh-t to yourself.

5. Razors. This should go without saying, but shockingly it doesn’t. I’ve heard of offenders on numerous occasions that see no issue in shaving their bodies with a previously used razor. It’s an abnormal concept, being that scraped skin can lead to the spreading of several serious infections. You may think that it’s not a Bic deal, but the dangers are real.

6. Chap Stick. Whenever somebody asks to use my lip balm I’m petrified. There are only two possible methods a person using your Chap Stick can utilize and both of them are germy. They can either rub it directly on their lips (the same lips that you have no idea where they’ve been) or they’ll swab some up on their bacteria covered finger and apply it that way. This scenario is lose-lose really, but saying ‘no’ to sharing your balm could save you some cold sores as well.

7. Bar Soap. Everyone should be entitled to his or her own personal cleaning supplies that are coming in direct contact with the epidermis. Nobody likes a bar of soap decorated with someone else’s body hair and griminess. Sharing other stuff is completely fine with me though. If you want to use my shower and spot body wash or shampoo, have at it. (Although, I don’t speak for the masses.)

8. Drinks. We’ve all had someone ask for a sip of our beverage. Some of us don’t mind at all, others cringe and feel the urge to say no — but typically we all cave and comply with their wishes. It’s really no big deal, minus the fact that backwash is an unpreventable occurrence when the mouth & straw/bottle touch base. With that knowledge it’s hard not to pour out the final portion of the drink, which is surely full of crumbs, residue and saliva from whomever you shared with.

9. Bathroom Experience Details. 96% of the time bowel movement descriptions and toilet tales are unwanted and inappropriate. Some things are simply better kept to oneself. I completely understand all of the facets and funny possibilities that come with dropping a deuce, but please don’t bring this relatable scenario discussion to the dinner table.

10. Bacon. Or any other ridiculously delicious foods for that matter. This rule is including but not limited to; cotton candy, churros, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, cheese pizzas (belonging to the few people who only like cheese, when there are several topping heavy pizzas around). Oh, and pink or red StarburstsTC Mark

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  • Julia

    Why is shitting on there twice? Also, this just seems like the list of a surface-skimming germaphobe.

    • jbux

      EXACTLY my reaction. Like, ok let’s just title this “Shit Not To Do Unless You Want To Die of Herpes/AIDS”

      • Brian

        Just going to put it out there that: 1. You can’t “get” AIDs; it’s a condition that’s developed and 2. You surely can’t get it from sharing a drink/hygiene products/stories about your bathroom habits… the more you know!

  • Julia

    But ‘Thunder,’ I agree with.

  • youcouldbehappy


  • Bebop


  • bambiontoast

    I only agree with Thunder stealing, loofas, exes and Starburst. My friends and I are clearly prone to over sharing! And juvenille, because we find poo stories hilarious.

  • Tk

    You do realize #4 and #9 were EXACTLY the same right?? How lazy and unimaginative can you be?

  • Erin

    You’re such a prude. Soap? It cleans itself. Lip balm and drinks? Kissing someone is way “worse” than both of those things. Do you think kissing is gross too?

    • denkely

      ik, r?

    • FOSHO

      A quick google search shows that soap bars do not, in fact, clean themselves. In fact, they often grow bacteria. What a silly comment.

  • Josh

    Completely pointless list, except for the thunder.

  • briana

    Hear, hear

  • christina

    ugh germaphobe. i want to have patience with you but you might need to think about how irrational some of your fears are. DO YOU KNOW WHATS CLEANER THAN SOAP? NOTHING. No one ever died from sharing chapstick

  • http://www.itmakesmestronger.com/2012/08/10-things-we-shouldn%e2%80%99t-share-with-friends/ Only L<3Ve @ ItMakesMeStronger.com

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  • colleen

    Selfish, germaphobe, prude!

  • amanda

    My friends and I, especially runners, ALWAYS share poop stories

  • Gina

    she’s not a germaphobe. She’s just not a deodorant sharing hippie who wants to drink some backwash and hepatitis. Liked this article!!

  • antoinette

    wow, are you really that friend who wont give anyone a sip of your drink, wow

  • Gina

    yeah actually i am…. Why risk hepatitis or oral herpes over a diet coke? If you do, that’s your thing. There are people who also share lice and they are not prudes. Go them.

    • Alex

      Someone would’ve had to practically shit in their Coke to transmit Hepatitis A to you.

      • Gina

        yeah look up your hepatitisessess – there are more than one.

      • Alex

        I know that, that’s why I was specific to A. C is transmitted by blood. And B is normally easily treated. Judging from your comments, you’re obsessed with the thing.

      • Gina

        Not obsessed…conscious maybe. Gross people gross me out. My friend has cats and they shit in her shower. Think it’s good to be clean and not be crazy about it. Some people define ‘laid back’ as their shit strewn everywhere, utter and total chaos, they share drinks, will leave a used condom laying on the floor for days and will let black mold completely take over their house, while their fridge breaks down and everything is soggy in there. That’s not cool.

      • Alex

        None of that has anything to do with being reluctant to share a drink with a close friend because you think they’ve somehow transferred their Hepatitis carrying fecal matter into your drink whilst you weren’t looking. You would be AMAZED at the ways you could catch Hepatitis, sharing a drink with a friend is the least worrisome. Often, it’s transmitted at the source of food production by a worker who has the disease. So, you’d probably drive yourself insane thinking about all of that. As for the cat shit showers and used condoms…find new friends.

      • jbux

        this chain is hilarious. i love you, alex. gina, get laid. but obviously with 4 condoms and make sure you’ve lysoled your sheets first and maybe you just should just do butterfly kisses because i mean, the guy could give you licking cancer.

      • http://www.facebook.com/richakashelkar Richa Kashelkar

        ALEX!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! You made me laugh out loud at work!

      • Rick

        duuuuuuuuuude I got hepatitis A from a poopy pizzaaaa, it was the worst…………

      • Alex

        These things often are Rick, they often are.

  • Gina

    found it funny in uni when this girl – Jennifer – would be like ‘why do I always have this cough??’ meanwhile she’d be licking hepatits off of someone’s unfinished 7-up and then she’d be like, “why don’t you share, you’re such a prude”…. Think she had to get her tonsils removed or something like that and at one point, she started coughing up blood.

    • kay

      licking hepatitis?! are we really saying that?

      • Gina

        snorting hepatitis? sniffing hepatitis? eyeing hepatitis?

  • kay

    seriously? thunder, exes and razors totally legit, the rest is just beyond ridiculous. sharing these things is a completely natural–and arguably necessary–part of being friends.

  • Gina

    what I think people shouldn’t share is bad jokes but actually i think if you have a group of friends that share the same bad jokes.. it’s kinda sweet.

  • Anna Howell

    You had me until you went all “pander to the mindless hipsters” and mentioned bacon. Lame.

  • rachel

    I love poop stories.

    • denkely

      please tell me you like other stories…

  • denkely

    true on the razors and exes, but I agree with the general consensus on the rest.
    You’ve got to be tremendously selfish, have a handful of friends and in need of therapy if you do the other 8.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rrain.forrest Rain Forrest

    Ouch, you’re getting hammered on this one Chris :

  • oxoboxo

    I’m telling you right now, sharing poop stories is the sign of the highest of friendships.

    • http://twitter.com/alainalatona alainalatona (@alainalatona)


  • Domino

    aw, c’mon, chapstick and drinks? if you know the person is clean/doesn’t have herpes or other infections, it’s all good.

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