17 Ways To Relieve Your Stress

1. Never discuss politics or religion with just anyone. Be firm on this rule. Maybe, under very strict circumstances, discuss with select, intelligent individuals. I promise, a debate on these topics with an ignorant person will raise your blood pressure to heights it’s never seen before.

2. Stop hanging around the friend, who isn’t really your friend — that gets on your nerves regularly. They might be tricky to shake if they’re associated with someone who you’re close to, but avoid spending your “happy time” around any folks who make your blood boil habitually.

3. If the opportunity arises, pay bills in advance. Any extra money not spent wisely, immediately after it is acquired, will often be wasted on unnecessary purchases. That may be fine and dandy, but if there comes a time where you’re behind on expenses, you’ll regret it.

4. If you want to text or call someone — do it. Disregard two day rules, “buts” and “what ifs.” Most of the time, too much thought is put into these decisions.

5. Don’t commit to anything, unless you absolutely have to or unquestionably want to. Far too often we agree to attend an event, or provide a favor that we’d honestly rather not. When the day to fulfill that promise is approaching, we freak out. It’s much easier to give a “maybe,” that way if you bail — you’re not considered a flake. Nobody likes a flake.

6. Avoid falling victim to procrastination’s temptation. It’s typically appealing in the moment, but its lasting effects aren’t so pleasant. That time spent lazily doing unproductive shenanigans, could’ve been utilized finishing the work you’re presently stressing over.

7. If you’re going to wear white, bring a piece of backup clothing. Something about white magnetizes spilled drinks or dropped food (particularly anything covered in barbecue sauce) directly toward it. The staining is inevitable, so be prepared in advance.

8. Make a conscious effort to be punctual. Running late never fails to get you worked up. It’ll seem like every light is red, every car is slow, and every minute is a second. To avoid cussing out stoplights and drivers, give yourself ample time to arrive at your destination.

9. Don’t invest too many feelings in reality television contests. Whether it’s Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race or one of those “finding love” competitions (e.g. The Bachelor) — avoid developing a strong liking for the contestants. Eventually you’ll find yourself entirely devoted to the show, scheduling your day around its new episodes and caring immensely who is eliminated.

10. Have a “Treat Yourself” day. If you’re not familiar with the concept, watch the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsABTmT1_M0%5D

11. When building furniture or equipment, just read the directions. All it takes is one incorrectly done, or overlooked step to ruin the entire assembling process. Even if you’re a connoisseur of construction, give the instructions a speedy skim — it could be potentially saving you some aggravation.

12. If you’re currently in an unhealthy relationship, that is headed nowhere fast, force yourself to cut ties. It’s obviously easier said than done, but if you know that it’s only a matter of time until it’ll dissolve, do it now. The temporary struggles immediately after your breakup may sting, but that’s less stressful than living unhappily involved with someone.

13. Don’t throw parties at your place. There’s far more at risk to be lost than gained. Intoxicated people tend to vomit, urinate, and be noisy, clumsy or inconsiderate. Why would you want someone with those characteristics putting your home in jeopardy? The other problem is the uninvited guests that’ll show up. One mass text can result in a party full of strangers. Save yourself an abundance of stress by attending parties as opposed to hosting them.

14. Quit comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to have a higher paying job, be as smart, or as good-looking as everyone else out there. Seeing others be successful should inspire you — not obliterate your confidence and give you anxiety over your fading opportunity to accomplish lifetime goals.

15. Save any document you’re working on as you work on it. Losing a lengthy essay, or graphic that you spent hours working on is so disappointing. Don’t ever allow yourself to experience the frustration. Between flash drives and the simple option of clicking “file,” followed by “save,” there are very few reasonable excuses for losing a file.

16. Know the business hours of the places you have to be. For one, you don’t want to be that guy, entering and roaming around Blockbuster four minutes before closing time. Secondly; finding out that the store you need items from is closing soon, will momentarily send you into a mad dash. You’ll make hasty decisions to get in, and out — but it’d be a lot easier if you stayed informed of these little things.

17. Sleep with the light on if necessary. We’ve all had that night where our mind insists on playing out various terrifying scenarios, as soon as we lay our heads to rest. Or the times when we wake up in a cold sweat as a result of a nightmare. Hell — it could be something as simple as hearing a creak or bump, that leaves you with an eerie feeling. Whatever the case, sometimes you may need a little light to ease the tension. It could be slightly embarrassing, but it beats laying in bed wide-awake and on edge. TC Mark

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