15 People Who Deserve A Dirty Look

1. The inconsiderate individuals who you see exit a stall or use a urinal, then depart from the restroom without even glancing over at the sink. Non-hand washers turn the rest of us into obsessive-compulsive germaphobes who are fearful of touching anything in public.

2. In virtually empty movie theaters, full of unoccupied seats, lurks a dreadful soul. You’ll be isolated and comfy when someone decides to sit directly in your vicinity. Oh, and if you have your legs resting happily on the seat in front of you, then they’re guaranteed to hop in that spot. It’ll force you to remove your feet, and give the back of their head the stink eye for a hefty portion of the previews.

3. Subway Virgins. OK, so maybe this is just a lack of patience — but damn, have they seriously never been to Subway before? It’s frustrating to watch a person lose their sandwich ordering virginity, for two reasons. First, they are so bad at it. Watching them order a sandwich frustrates you, and you’d like to show ‘em how it’s done. Second, it takes them two years to complete an order[1].

4. Undersized dogs with Napoleon complexes (e.g. feisty Chihuahuas). They bark angrily at you as you walk by, as if they want to tear you apart. Like, seriously what’s your problem, you little, cute but obnoxious puppy? I don’t know if you consider dogs people, but this is an animal worthy of giving an annoyed glare to.

5. Drivers who lollygag at green arrows. Some of us have places to be! Are you unsatisfied with the hues and tones of this green arrow, so you’re lingering until the next one? You better hope I don’t end up next to you. I’ll turn my head, scrunch my eyebrows so hard, and give the dirtiest of looks! Will it matter to you? Probably not, but it’s really satisfying for some reason.

6. The person who stares. You may look up, make eye contact and think; I just caught them at the wrong moment. Then it’ll happen again. And again. And a few more times. Eventually, you’ll wonder what the hell they are so fascinated by? You grow self-conscious and consider that you may have a booger or something hideous on your face. Shortly after, that insecurity will turn into frustration. What the hell is this person staring for? Finally it becomes agonizingly uncomfortable, and they leave you no choice but to stare back dirtily so that they’ll look away, and creep out some other poor individual.

7. Any person who stands behind you while you’re using a computer. No — it’s not because I’m looking at inappropriate content, I just hate having you invading my personal bubble from the rear[2]. Don’t read over my shoulder and don’t stand there like a creep, watching me browse the web.

8. Parents who don’t supervise or discipline their children. I have no kids, and I’m certain they’re really difficult to take care of. That being said, I wouldn’t have my children of the corn running around the grocery store causing chaos. Constantly we see kids touching stuff they shouldn’t be, getting in people’s way, and basically being little terrors. The worst instances are when a bratty child doesn’t get his or her way. They’ll bawl, kick and scream while their parents plead with them, or make unintimidating threats.

9. Sick people who cough or sneeze without covering. It’s disgusting. It’s rude. It’s inexcusable. This also goes for runny nose having individuals, who sniffle for hours, instead of blowing it. Along with a dissatisfied stare, these actions are worthy of a verbal lashing[3].

10. People who don’t know how to eat with manners. Smacking, chomping loudly, talking with their mouth full, etc. These are the same folks[4] who tend to noisily pick their teeth making sucking sounds, and using sharp edged objects to clean in between — that aren’t toothpicks.

11. Jinx instigating folks who point out that something dreadful isn’t currently happening to you. They’ll make you knock on wood, and live cautiously. Phrases like, “Oh you’ve never been shot at?” or “Wow, you haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in years,” are prime examples of common jinx-er statements.

12. The student who extends everyone’s stay in class by asking a series of probing questions. Learning is good — it’s great actually; but not everyone wants to spend extra time holding discussions. Sometimes the best way to bring this person’s inquiries to a screeching halt is to make eye contact, and give them a stare so intimidating — it extinguishes their burning desire to be educated.

13. Bikers who want desperately to ride on the road, when there’s a perfectly functioning sidewalk right next to them. Apparently they’d prefer to be at a higher risk of accidentally getting hit, because they have a knack for being in the way. These people’s best friend is the nighttime runner, who wears dark clothing and runs in the middle of the road. Stealthy attire on evening jogs will eventually fulfill your death wish.

14. People with poor refrigerator etiquette. Eating all of something, but leaving the empty box, drinking directly out of a carton, leaving refrigerated items on the counter to spoil, etc. If this person is caught in the act, audible complaints will likely accompany the dirty look. If you want to be gentle, politely ask them to tell you all about the barn that they were raised in – then remind them that they’re now in a home.

15. The ill-mannered, opinionated jackass — who habitually talks throughout your television watching[5]. This person will give some unwanted assessment of the show you’re viewing, and do so in a loud enough tone that you’ll miss crucial scenes. TC mark

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  • untimelymeds

    #13: the city of Chicago (and most places, I imagine), forbid bicycling on sidewalks, which are reserved for pedestrians. bikers belong on the road; hopefully there is a bike lane.

    • jayceel

      yup, its illegal to bike on the sidewalk. sorry, but drivers who don’t know that deserve the dirty stare :/

    • anon

      yep, same in palo alto (in the rare cases in which there aren’t bike lanes – sometimes bike lanes are even in the middle of the street between car lanes). i had to take a bike diversion class (after being pulled over by a cop who gave me a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign), and learned that you’re not allowed to bike on the sidewalk. not sure if you can get a ticket for it, i’ve never heard of that happening…

    • http://duncansomerside.wordpress.com duncansomerside

      I love this list, but yes it is true. As a bikerider, I am required to bike on the road, dont hate :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/tekniklr Teri Solow

      You think bikes in the street are annoying for cars? Try bikes in the sidewalk for pedestrians.

      If you are over the age of ten, you have no business biking in any sidewalk, ever.

  • http://rzw.ca Stephen Smith

    In many places, it’s illegal for bicycles to ride on the sidewalk. Just FYI :)

  • Annik


    • Michael Koh

      It’s frowned upon here in Buffalo, but hey, if you’re biking with a kid, I’d prefer if you were biking on the sidewalk.

  • Abby

    Sidewalks are for pedestrians, not bicycles. Cyclists HAVE TO RIDE IN THE ROAD.

    • Boolio

      I think he knows, now.

  • Sunny

    riding your bike on the sidewalk in NYC is illegal, and you’l be ticketed for that. Maybe give a dirty look to the driver who doesn’t know the laws of the road.

    • minicardi

      thank you. i hate when bike riders are on the sidewalk!!

    • Michael Koh

      too right. i usually curse them out

  • jaimie

    you’re not really supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk….

    but i completely agree with #14. my roommate used to leave the OJ container in the fridge with literally a sip of juice left. so you’d go to have morning juice, it would feel like there was something in there, but then…plop! one sip into your glass. that might be the most frustrating thing in the world.

  • Maddy

    Man, it should so not be illegal to ride on sidewalks. Pretty sure a car can do more damage to a biker than a biker can do to a walking person.

    And those “hardcore” cyclists that ride in the middle of lanes instead of off to the side? No matter HOW fast you bike, you still aren’t car-fast.

    • Rachel

      Since it would be highly dangerous to be biking with cars passing it in its own lane, bikers have the ability to choose whether they want to take up the whole car lane or stay on the side (that is unless they have their own bike lane). Even if it is more annoying for a car to have to switch lanes to pass a bike, that is a lot safer for the biker, who is a lot more vulnerable than any driver in a car.

      • Maggie

        In Kansas at least, bikes are supposed to be treated like cars in that the whole lane belongs to them. That is, if you need to pass someone on a bike, you pass in the other lane.

  • Will

    If you stand in front of me on a down-ward escalator, I will give you a dirty look and wish death to those you love.

    • Asdf

      And I will laugh at your unwarranted passive-aggressive nature.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CoxyGirl Leah Cox

    In total there were probably 10 people max in the screening my friend and I were at.
    Two girls come in and decide the seats they need are the ones right next to us. Meaning my friend had to move her bag off of the seat. Because you know, one seat away from a stranger is too far. They had the choice of many empty rows.

  • Jessica

    Cycling may not be allowed on sidewalks, but goddamn cyclists shouldn’t be riding in the middle of the lane during rush hour. They are holding up traffic and it’s inconsiderate as FUCK. Why not take your bicycle somewhere you won’t be in the way – like a bike trail?

    • Kat

      Because just like everyone else on the road they are trying to get where they need to be. Not all cyclists are riding for fun, some of us are commuting to and from work.

      • Veronica

        What Kat said. It’s not inconsiderate, it’s getting where we/they need to be just like the drivers. (Riding on the outer edge of the lane is nice, yes, but there isn’t always an outer edge continuously available.)

    • Asdf

      Hey, you and me, we’re inconsiderate as FUCK. So let’s go get inconsiderate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theracheljacob Rachel Jacob

    the person who takes forever to get their stuff into the bins at airport security checkpoints, or puts every article in a separate bin. Also the people who don’t know how to properly store their articles in the overhead compartments or put a little ass bag in the overhead compartment. really, put it under your seat.

    • anna

      Totally agree. I’m never more impatient than when slow people are in front of me in security at the airport.

  • Sana

    Right now I can only think of one kind of person that truly deserves a dirty look – the kind of self-entitled person who can’t imagine spending an extra five seconds at a traffic light or an extra two minutes at a Subway. And god forbid a paying moviegoer might want to enjoy a good view of the cinema screen from the same area you’re sitting in.

    • Sunny

      amen to that

      • Boolio

        You can’t expect everyone to be sunshiny all of the time. Yes, the world would be a better place if we were all a little more patient. But getting frustrated doesn’t mean you’re self-entitled, it means that you’re not perfect. And news flash: no one is. So, how about you get off your high horse? You’re exactly the kind of person that deserves a dirty look.

      • anon

        Agreed. Sometimes when I’m way back in line after a light has turned green, I will let someone merge into my lane because they made a mistake and got in the wrong one. The car behind me usually starts honking, throwing their hands in the air, and yelling.

        I don’t think self-entitled is the right word. And at BOOLIO’s comment, I don’t think anybody mentioned the word “perfect”. I don’t think anyone deserves a dirty look. We were all new once at Subway and took insufferably long, and we’ve all gotten temporarily distracted and didn’t immediately step on the gas at a green light. It happens, no one deserves a dirty look. Some people (in the case of the moviegoer point) might not have been taught common courtesy, either – but regardless, they don’t deserve a dirty look.

  • Stacie

    Yeah I’m chiming in on the bike thing. Bikes are supposed to be in the road. Sidewalks are for people and I have actually been hurt while walking on a sidewalk and being hit by a bike. It is not fun. It takes maybe an extra 5 seconds for you to get around a biker in your car. So consider bikes another type of vehicle and suck it up, they really don’t cause you that much of an inconvenience.

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    […] Thought Catalog » Life Add a comment […]

  • Asdf

    #3 Chipotle virgins.

  • nightshaye

    Speaking of the parents and kids, let’s not forget the parents who use strollers aas cow-catchers.

    P.S. Dogs are people too!

    • Ayla

      ??? What do you mean?

  • Ashley Reynolds

    Your use of footnotes is commendable.

  • Amanda

    Yeah, it’s a illegal to bike on the sidewalk.

    • Boolio

      you can bike on my sidewalk

  • Jonathan

    Re: #13; Riding a bike on the sidewalk is actually more dangerous than riding in the street, and in many states it’s illegal unless you’re a child. Most streets are more than wide enough to accommodate both cyclist and motorist without much issue as long as the cyclist stays right and the motorist is careful when they pass. But that’s probably too much to ask of most cyclists AND most drivers.

  • http://kelly-burgess.com Kelly Burgess

    Hey, did you hear biking on the sidewalk is illegal?

  • Anna

    This is terrible. Why would you care so much about how other people live their lives? First thought catalog I didn’t enjoy

  • Brett

    yeah, this is pretty douchey. I think it could be shortened to “people who exist and breathe and stuff in my personal space”

  • http://clouddust.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/if-youre-bored/ If you’re bored « ∆ ▲ ∆ ▲ ∆ ▲ ∆ ▲ ∆ ▲ ∆ ▲ ∆

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  • Day

    Omg I love you man. Sooooooo true! Especially the starers. And extra kudos for the Hey Arnold reference ^^

  • Guest

    I love it when 35 people make the same point about the illegality of cycling on sidewalks. Let’s just have a few more people point this out please…not sure enough people have said it yet

    • Logan

      Best comment on this thread.

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