If Characters From Prime Time Comedies Were Members Of The Avengers

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) Is Iron Man

How I Met Your Mother / The Avengers

There’s an obvious reason why the role of Iron Man suits Stinson well and the keyword is in this sentence. It‘s “suits,” folks. Iron Man is fully dependent on his suit in the same manner that Barney is reliant on and obsessed with his suits. Much like Iron Man, Stinson is a witty playboy who’s quick on his toes and fires ammunition in the form of inappropriate (yet hilarious) comments and magnificent one liners. While Barney’s strong personality would likely result in some clashing amongst his fellow team members, his contributions would outweigh his cockiness. Yes, Tony Stark’s Iron Man is a genius at weapons, but Stinson is an expert in the field of comedy, making him essential to this squad.

Gloria Pritchett (Modern Family) is Pepper Potts

Modern Family / The Avengers

In the Iron Man films Tony Starks’ main squeeze is Pepper Potts. She’s there to provide advice, opinions and assistance in various situations. So who better than a gorgeous, hilarious Sofia Vergara filling that role? Her fiery personality would be a necessity when dealing with Barney Stinson’s ego; and a chesty, Spanish woman would be a fitting love interest.

Jim Halpert (The Office) is Captain America

The Office / The Avengers

He’s an all-American, golden boy type of guy which is a fantastic fit. In The Avengers, Captain America plays a leadership role, butting heads a bit with Iron Man occasionally. Being that Halpert has past experience co-managing a bunch of incompetent folks alongside a ridiculously difficult, immature Michael Scott, he’s well prepared for the position.

Cameron Tucker (Modern Family) is The Hulk

Modern Family / The Avengers

Cam is a large man who may appear physically intimidating but is actually a gentle giant. In fact, Cameron may lack the intensity and anger of the Avengers’ Hulk but he replaces those feelings with a bubbly, overly dramatic personality. We’re assembling a team of funny here, so Cam Tucker is a must.

Jeff Winger (Community) is Thor

Community / The Avengers

Like Thor, Jeff is in good physical condition and he’s a good looking guy who the ladies are rather fond of. Jeff doesn’t possess a powerful hammer of any sort, but he does carry a Blackberry around like it’s his weapon of choice. The leadership Winger displays constantly on Community, wrangling up the troops and giving inspirational, uplifting speeches make him worthy of leading the entire group of Comedy Television Avengers. Also — much like Thor, Jeff has a strong connection from the past with the main antagonist, Loki… 

Evil Abed Nadir (Community) is Loki

Community / The Avengers

While the typical Abed is a film loving, television quoting, pop culture enthusiast, his other version is rather evil. That’s why he’s a perfect candidate to fulfill the role of Loki. This goatee having, heartless version of Nadir would warrant some concern from the entire Comedy Television Avengers posse. Consider how active and broad his imagination is along with his expertise in the area of heroes & villains and you’ve got yourself a hilariously dangerous antagonist.

Brad Williams (Happy Endings) is Hawkeye

Happy Endings / The Avengers

The Avengers’ Hawkeye is known for being capable of delivering pinpoint accurate shots with his bow & arrow, and Happy Endings’ Brad conveys hysterical jokes and one-liners in that same fashion, making him imperative to the team. Like Hawkeye, he may be one of the more underappreciated members of The Comedy Television Avengers but those who’ve seen him in action are aware of how crucial his contributions are. Being that Brad is fulfilling this role, it’s only right that his Happy Endings wife, Jane, is a character who is somewhat close to Hawkeye.

Jane Williams (Happy Endings) is Black Widow

Happy Endings / The Avengers

Black Widow is a female member who is regularly seen kicking tons of ass. As skilled and magnificent of a fighter as she is, Jane is equivalently gifted in the art of humor. In addition, Jane is a perfectionist and a furious competitor which are great attributes to bring to the team. Also, she’s gorgeous and fully capable of doing the repetitive, intense hair flip, explosion in the background shots that Scarlett Johansson has perfected over the years.

Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother) is Maria Hill

How I Met Your Mother / The Avengers

The fact that Robin Scherbatsky and Maria Hill were in fact played by the same lovely, talented actress (Cobie Smulders) made this decision a no-brainer.

Andy Dwyer (Parks & Recreation) is Phil Coulson

Parks & Recreation: Season One / The Avengers

Phil Coulson isn’t equipped with any superpowers or special abilities but he is a special agent who assists with the assembling of The Avengers. Parks & Rec fanswho’ve seen Andy Dwyer in action know that his comedic genius makes him a necessary contributor to the Comedy Television Avengers. His portrayal of imaginary FBI agent, Bert Macklin is a prime example of his knack for the art of being a secret agent. Not to mention his regularly brilliant delivery of laughter which ensures his worthiness as a contributor to the most elite in comedy TV.

Troy Barnes (Community) Is Nick Fury

Community / The Avengers

Where there is Abed, there is Troy, and since we’ve seen the two go head to head in a pillow fort vs. blanket fort match up, this wouldn’t be their first battle. Troy is capable of assembling these comedy geniuses one by one and molding the group into a well-oiled machine. Perhaps Troy is a little young and sensitive to match the stern, intense Nick Fury played by Sam Jackson, but don’t underestimate Barnes’ leadership skills — he was once a high school quarterback. Most importantly, the visual image of Troy Barnes and Andy Dwyer paying Jim Halpert, Barney Stinson, Cameron Tucker and Jeff Winger individual visits to gather them for the Comedy Television Avengers is priceless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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