10 Not-So-Crazy Reasons Why Men Call Women “Crazy”


She is emotionally stunted, damaged, and crazy.

If I don’t fall in love with you after a few months of dating, that doesn’t make me crazy or damaged. Maybe we just don’t see the world the same way. I am not broken, you just aren’t the one.

She is totally crazy! She is always accusing me of cheating.

If I accuse you of cheating, being shady, or lying, it’s not because I’m crazy or insecure. More than likely it’s because you are a lying, cheating, shady mother f-er. I usually don’t ask questions that I, A) don’t already have the answers to or B) truly am not ready to find out. So stop drooling over every woman that passes by and at least put a passcode on your phone, you idiot!

She’s so emotional! F-ing psycho!

If I cry often or during difficult conversations, it doesn’t mean that I’m a crazy emotional mess, it means that I am a human being with emotions that I have invested into that particular conversation. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, craziness, or hormonal imbalances… so please in God’s name do not ask me if I’m getting my period!

She flipped out when I left my dishes in the sink…she’s nuts!

If I get angry at you for feeling taken advantage of, it doesn’t mean I’m uptight and crazy, it means that sometimes I don’t want to be treated like an indentured servant or a sex slave. You’ve had a long day? So have I, and looking cute or being sexy while cleaning up your mess isn’t exactly on the top of my priority list. Anger is fine for men, yet when women express it, we are donned crazy.

She called my mom!! Stalker!

If I talk to your mother, it doesn’t mean I am a crazy person trying to manipulate your precious momma’s boy bubble, it simply means I am trying to better understand the woman who f-ed you up for the rest of us. Or maybe it is one of those rare cases that I actually like your mother. Don’t be jealous, your mother isn’t going to like me better (although she totally thinks I am too good for you!)

Woah, she is already talking about babies and marriage. Back up CRAZY!!

If I talk about the future soon after we meet or start dating, it doesn’t mean that I am stage 5 clinger. My time is valuable and I will not waste it on you if our wants, needs, or plans don’t align. This goes for everyone… no matter how good you are in bed! Things change and falling in love changes peoples plans, but If you are dead set on living on your farm in Montana with no children, our futures may not be in sync.

She’s left me like 10 messages demanding that I call her back!! She’s not understanding the brush off!!

If I continue to call or text after no response from you, It doesn’t make me crazy for not getting the “hint”, it makes you a child who refuses to take accountability or responsibility for your feelings/lack of feelings. I know you don’t want to talk to me. I deserve to have that conversation even if it’s difficult for you. And at this point I’m desperately hoping you pick up the phone just so I can hear the terror in your voice. What exactly are you afraid of? Honesty? Grow up!

She told all her friends that I was a jerk!! She’s such a crazy bitch!

If I warn other women about you, it doesn’t make me a crazy cock blocking bitch, it makes me a woman who believes in solidarity. Women need to learn to stick together. Stop “stealing” other women’s boyfriends. Stop being mean girls. Tell her when she has toilet paper on her shoe and warn her about that gorgeous d-bag at the bar. Girl Power!

She’s always going out for girls night… maybe she’s just a little too crazy for me.

If I enjoy the company of others, it doesn’t mean I am crazy party girl or too invested in my friends, it means I genuinely enjoy being social and you aren’t fulfilling each and every type of relationship that is important and valuable to me. You are not the entire universe. I need girl time. I need me time. I need time with my friends that are totally different than you. If you don’t let me have that, it will only blowup in your face.

You’re a crazy bitch but ya F—- so good I’m on top of it!

If I enjoy sex and I know what I like it doesn’t make me a crazy slut, or just plain crazy. An important part of being a woman is knowing your body, knowing your limits, and not being afraid to ask for what you want. People have kinks and preferences. Adages like “crazy in bed means crazy in the head” is just another way to make women feel badly for being exactly who they are. We are constantly told not to be ordinary, normal, or boring, so when we embrace our not so boring side we shouldn’t be feared and shamed. Grow up and embrace the sexual revolution boys! A real woman should be confident in bed, no matter what her preferences.

She says she’s in love with me…she must be crazy!

Lastly, If I tell you that I love you chances are I do…or at least I think I do. Falling in love with someone is difficult. Admitting to it, is even more difficult. Don’t belittle my feelings. Don’t give me reasons not to love you. And don’t, by any means, stick around if the feelings aren’t mutual. I love you..there I said it…so either be a man and dive into this thing with me, or be a man and walk away. And remember, if after you’ve made your choice, (to stay and love me or to walk away) I am a crying mess, I’m not crazy. I’m just human. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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