Let Them Be Happy Without You

Denys Argyriou

Just like how some words can’t be unsaid, and how some actions can’t be undone – some people can’t be held onto. Maybe they were perfect once, a snug fit in your keyhole. Perhaps they held together the pieces of your crumbling life so well, you believed that you would fall apart without them. Perhaps, scarily, you loved them once.


But it isn’t until they leave that you’ll realise, instead of falling apart once they walk away, you’ll remain whole. Your cracks would have long since merged at the seams. It begs the question, who was it that held you together? Was it them, or were you able to do it yourself all along? Perhaps you’ll never know.

But what you will know is how they have changed you. Your memories with them will run in your veins forever, and they’ll keep you company even in the loneliest nights. They would’ve left a permanent stain on your heart, one you can’t ever erase. No matter how bitter the end was, or how painful the separation, there were good times – times that’ll be fondly remembered over a round of drinks in the distant future. Don’t deny that fact.

Instead of asking why they left, perhaps you should be asking yourself – why couldn’t you get them to stay? But that’s beside the point, you can’t alter the past. But what you can change, is how you’ll embrace a future without them.

Have a big heart and let them go, let them embrace their futures, even if you won’t be a part of them. Let them be happy without you, and as hurtful as it sounds, let them find someone better than you. Someone that can give them more happiness than you ever could.

Once you’re able to do that, you’ll be set free. Your selfless actions might not have benefited yourself as much as it has them, but it’s okay. At least you’ll be comfortable, knowing you no longer hold on so desperately to something not worth your energies. And at least you’ll be able to move on.

And on.

And as unlikely as it sounds, perhaps, like them, you’ll find in a better place, and in a better time, someone better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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