I Saw Something Crawling On The Floor In My Dorm, And The Sight Of It Completely Terrified Me


About four years ago, I attended Northern Illinois University, and some weird-ass shit went down there for the two semesters I was there, but I’m really only concerned about one specific incident.

For background, I don’t see these types of thing often – but I do have a history of seeing spirits and other weird things. My great grandma was psychic, and my great-great-great grandpa also dabbled in the paranormal and messed with things he shouldn’t have. Just wanted to mention that for reference in case that might have something to do with it.

During spring break, there was a lot of uncomfortable things that happened – mostly with the mirrors in the dorm bathroom, and hearing strange noises in the hall once in a while that I attributed to other people moving around on the dorm floor.

Once day I was walking back to my dorm from the cafeteria when I got this overwhelming sense of terror and dread, like there was something there with me that I didn’t want to see. I looked up in front of me and there was this…thing crawling slowly across the hall floor toward one of the dorm rooms.

It was humanoid in shape, gray, and crawled on its hands and hand-like feet, and its legs were bent awkwardly, kind of like a grasshopper and its face was flat with a long thin mouth and dark pits for eyes.

I almost vomited from the feeling of just being near the thing and I looked away almost immediately and ran into my dorm room and promptly salted the doorway and windows.

I kind of convinced myself I was just going crazy because of school and I just needed to get out and unwind, but when my mom came to visit, she indicated to the dorm that I had seen the thing crawling towards and told me she felt physically ill and almost scared walking past that room and asked if there was a way to go around it.

I never really told her about it and kind of laughed it off, but it still wigs me out. I’ve kind of asked a few people, but no one seems to know what it was. I never saw it again though, thankfully. The thing that makes me concerned about it was because I’ve always seen shadow people, especially in places with a lot of people or where shootings have occurred, but I never saw a single shadow person in that school.

Outside of the school, yes. But in it? Not even one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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