22 LinkedIn Skills And What They Actually Mean You’re Good At

As someone who has never held a true job (grad students, raise yo’ hands), I have a pretty solid LinkedIn profile (500+ connections, say what). Corporate folks have actually complimented me on my profile, and LinkedIn often suggests CEO-ships for me to apply to (that year as president of an undergrad club really prepared me for the big leagues).

These days, twenty-somethings endorse each other every which way for various “skillz.” Who the heck knows if your friend can analyze data other than strangers’ Facebook profiles, and does coordinating the company potluck count as event planning?

This is what those LinkedIn skills really translate to:

1. Leadership

“I was captain of my intramural sports team in college; I emailed out the season’s schedule one time. I’m also good at making sure everyone gets texted about the happy hour tonight. Wait, it’s 4 PM; I should send that text.”

2. Social media

“I am in my twenties and keep up with the Kardashians. I may also run an anonymous Twitter account. In fact, I’m @PrincessProbz. Basically, I can oversee a Dove beauty campaign for your company.”

3. Facebook

“During company time, I will be on my Facebook.”

4. Time management

“I’m really good at texting my friends while emailing my boss back, posting Instagrams while using the restroom, and making it to yoga at 6 PM after I leave work at 5:30. I actually made this LinkedIn during my senior thesis class. Are you impressed yet?”

5. Community outreach

“In college, I knew which apartment complexes had the best keggers.”

6. Nonprofits

“In middle school I volunteered for United Way on a Saturday. Once a year I join my friends for a volunteer day, then we go to a brewery. Oh, and I donate to some orphanage organization, I think? Maybe it’s for abandoned pets?”

7. Public speaking

“Freshman year I took a communications class. My friends are used to me running the conversation. I also can speak while standing, though I don’t like it.”

8. Event planning

“Every November I host the *first annual* Friendsgiving; I even buy the turkey the day before the dinner. And I’m on the social committee at my workplace; we tell everyone to go to the happy hour one block down from the office every Thursday at 5:15. I can totally plan your gala. How many people are we expecting?”

9. Organization

“Classmates used to compliment me on my color-coded notes. I also make my bed every morning.”

10. Recruiting

“Last year I filled up the last three spots on our weekly kickball team.”

11. Photography

“I have almost a thousand followers on Instagram. My posts always get 11 likes or more, 50 if it’s a selfie. I can also differentiate between the Lo-fi, X-Pro II, and Hefe filters. ”

12. Teaching

“In college I had at least three projects where the professor said to teach the class about [insert topic]. I could totally do that again.”

13. Research

“I know how to use Google better than my 50-something boss and how to get the dirt on my significant other’s ex’s ex. I’ve even seen their house on Google Earth.”

14. Microsoft Office

“Duh, I know where the W on my desktop icons is. Your bullets are misaligned? Well, let’s Google that. Hmm, I think we should just create a new document and copy over the original content and hope the bullets work this time. I’m also excellent at Googling how to make Excel do math-y things. And I can use Tahoma font in my PowerPoint slides so I don’t look like a noob.”

15. Social networking

“I’m on LinkedIn. How am I not good at networking? I also add a new friend on Facebook every week and get peoples’ numbers at bars.”

16. iMovie

“I actually don’t know. A kid I haven’t spoken to since high school endorsed me for that. I watch Netflix?”

17. Customer service

“In high school I had to take people’s money in exchange for services or goods. Sometimes I even recorded special requests like Splenda instead of sugar in their smoothie. I can also smile while talking.”

18. Higher education

“I went to college. I know better than to call it academia.”

19. Blogging

“I used to have a Tumblr. I think I still do have one? I also know how to write. Can’t be that much harder.” or “I haven’t been employed since I graduated, so that’s what I do all day.”

20. Volunteering

“I have worked without pay before. My high school made me do this to graduate.”

21. Creative writing

“I know how to type, and my mom tells me I have a wonderful imagination. I also can do latte art.”

22. Marketing

“In youth, my lemonade stand attracted more customers than my neighbors’. I have also talked my friend’s friend into buying concert tickets that I no longer wanted.”

And we add these talents to our profiles, declaring we are experienced and marketable. As they say, fake it ‘til you make it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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