It’s Okay If You Don’t Know What The Fuck You’re Doing—No One Does

SPOILER ALERT: We’re all just winging it.

It’s true. Stop comparing your life to other people.

Life is made up of guessing games, lessons, and realizations. And chances are that person who boasts about their life and who you assume has their shit together doesn’t. Normally those excessively boasting are the ones trying to validate themselves.

Assumptions are natural, but they shouldn’t be something we lose ourselves to. We think, “Oh, they have a lot of money, they must have it so good!” or “They have a higher role in the company, that makes them better than me,” or “Damn, look at those gains on him, now I hate my body.”  Time to stop.

Comparison is not required here. And why do we automatically think that someone has it better than us without even counting our blessings first? Opening our eyes to the people around us refreshingly shows that they don’t know what they are doing either. How can you tell? Watch their actions, not their Instagram feed.

We’re all in this together and the concept that we have no clue what people are truly going through applies to everyone. That girl that made a career change? She didn’t have it easy. She was getting seriously underpaid to get to where she is now—she was eating porridge for dinner every night just to pay her rent. That girl at the gym with the amazing body and the colorful activewear? She isn’t “showing off,” she’s learned to love and be proud of her body after having beaten bulimia. That world traveller who skips from one country to the next? He’s finding himself in the most magnificent way possible.

Just remember, we all feel lost at some point or another.

We get dealt our cards and have to decide for ourselves how we play them. Sometimes we make the wrong decision ,and other times we make the right one. No matter WHAT a person looks like or how “successful” they are, this applies to everyone.

Don’t know what you’re doing? Move it and find out! Whatever it is, bite your lip and make a move. Any move. One thing is certain: no one ever got anywhere by just staying in the same place.

Some people stereotypically appear to have it all, but that doesn’t mean a thing. It’s an illusion you’ll understand if you look hard enough. You measure your happiness by how you feel, not by what you appear to have. Your inner happiness is the most important thing to take care. But sometimes you have to shake it up a bit and encourage those cards to fall. So take your risks, learn your lessons, stay in your lane, and experience life with the courage to fight the uncertainty and chase whatever it is your soul needs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark