This Is Everything Heartbreak Can Teach You

Enis Yavuz / Unsplash

We have that person. That “first love.” Either the one that came and tested our hearts naivety, or the one who took it with both hands and wanted to take care of it.

For many that first love is a lesson. Everything’s going great, dolphins are blissfully swimming alongside you, then you have a “what just happened” moment. A moment that knocks those love goggles right off your beautiful head. You watch him prove time and time again that he’s a complete arsehole but let him be because you really, reallyyy like him. You really, reallyyy want to be with him. You really reallyyy LOVE the good moments you have together. Furthermore you have hope that the problems will fix themselves and he will change. But he doesn’t. Your friends warn you against him, and you don’t listen because you don’t want their words to be true. You want that lovey-dovey bubble back that you were both in when you first started going out. So you hesitantly stick around in hope that it will come back. You seem to lose all sense of control because all you want is to be with this person. That’s the bottom line. So you put up with it all, all the things you should not be putting up with. But it all builds up and gets to a point where it’s just too much and the volcano is ready to erupt. With a brave heart you finally walk away.

Unfortunately experiencing this is the only way for some to truly learn that they deserve better and it will teach you to do everything in your power to never let it happen again. It’s a harsh lesson to protect that heart of yours because NO ONE should be playing with it and the power is with you to not let them. It’s a horrible path to have to go down but it teaches you one of the biggest, most valuable life lessons you can learn.

You learn that looking after yourself is priority above anything else. You learn that being honest and upfront with someone is paramount. You learn that if they can’t appreciate you then it is as easy as blowing your nose to say goodbye. You learn that you don’t have to feel guilty about having standards because you know what you want. You learn that if someone is capable of making you feel that low, they are not worth any of your time. You learn to plant your feet on the ground and set your boundaries. And you learn that your best relationships prove to offer so much more.

Because the naïve you, had her time testing the waters to see what it was like, but the older, wiser you knows that you didn’t like it. Quite frankly why the hell would you go back? TC mark

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