Obamacare Ruined The Lives Of Americans. Thanks, Obama.

image - Flickr / John Althouse Cohen
image – Flickr / John Althouse Cohen

I’m going to share with you a true story that happened to someone I know very closely. This is how Obama stole their American Dream. We will call this person Alice.

Alice is 43, intelligent but does not have the degree or work experience to give her a good-paying job with medical benefits. She was a stay-at-home mom in a dysfunctional marriage during the years she would have gotten these things. Now, in this economy, she would be very lucky to get a part-time job at $10/hr, more likely minimum wage- no chance of medical benefits. This is no exaggeration.

Alice was working for a few years, barely making it by, until Obamacare kicked in. She still had some alimony coming in, so even with the minimal hours she was able to get, she made it through. Her alimony was $900/month, just enough to pay the rent and fill the gas tank. Her earned income barely paid for the rest, but put her over the limit to get any state insurance, food stamps, or government assistance of any kind. Alice applied for insurance through the Obama Care website, but the offered insurance cost a minimum of $260/month, far beyond what she could pay, so she didn’t get insurance. It was only $40/month less than when she used to have insurance through COBRA, so where exactly was the savings anyway?

Although Alice is permanently on two life savings, essential medications, she managed to get along without medical benefits by paying for only the things she absolutely had to have out of pocket. The time she had to go to the ER? She still owes $900 for that and has given up hope of being able to repay it.

When Obamacare took effect, it became a different story. The local Community Health Center changed its policies, decreeing that since her income was too high to qualify for State medical insurance, it was now too high to qualify for their sliding fee scale. A visit to have the doctor rubber stamp approval of the medications Alice is on would now cost $175. This was far beyond her ability to pay, never mind the cost of the medications themselves- so what could she do?

Alice quit her job in order to qualify for state insurance. Her medical conditions wouldn’t permit her to work two or three jobs to self-pay for insurance anyway. She absolutely hates not working and she hates depending on the government and on charity. She feels she has no choice though because without the medications, she would literally die. She makes it by on $900/month, supplemented now by food stamps, state medical insurance, and a local church food bank. She got to see the dentist for the first time in years, fixed 6 cavities, and was able to get new glasses for the first time in years. Yet, she would rather work and earn these things.

That, my friends, is how Obama stole the American Dream from Alice.

Alice’s story is far from unique. Please share it, if you want people to know the truth about Obamacare. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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