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33 Reasons Why You’re My Best Friend Forever

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6. We help each other work on parts of our personality we want to change. You remind me that I often apologize unnecessarily, and that I need to be more confrontational, and that I should stop feeling guilty over things I can’t control, and I remind you to not be so hard on yourself.

7. You always have my back. If someone is talking shit, you will be there on my defense like white on rice.

8. You bring out my goofy side. We can talk to each other in weird accents for hours, have spontaneous dance sessions, and take the most ridiculous pictures of one another, just for the LOLs.

9. You let me borrow your clothes without question. You still let me wear your tights even though I ruined one of your nicest pairs on my drunken 21st birthday.


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Cut yourself some slack. One of the biggest regrets most people have about their 20s is that they didn’t enjoy them more. And I’m not talking about “buy more expensive dinners, take another trip to Thailand” type of enjoyment. I mean having the ability to take a deep breath and sip coffee in the morning knowing that you have done, and are doing, your best.

“These essays are slowly changing my life, as the title promises. As my friends’ birthday come along, they will all be receiving a copy of this wonderful book.” – Janie

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