It Will Hurt, But You’ll Eventually Move On

Twenty20 / alexcolberg
Twenty20 / alexcolberg

It is going to fall apart. It doesnโ€™t matter how, or why, but what matters is that it is going to happen.

It will hurt. It will hurt more than anything you have ever experienced, and it will be the toughest few months of your life trying to function and smile and keep living while your heart is breaking.

But you will survive.

It will take a while, but after a few months there will only be an ache, a constant ache, yes, but the ripping agony will have dulled. There will come a time when you will realize you havenโ€™t thought about them at all for a couple of hours, then days.

And as much as you canโ€™t believe it now, you will move on.

You will meet someone who brings out the spark in you again. Someone who makes you laugh, really laugh, the way you havenโ€™t been able to do in months. They will be attractive in a whole new way, they will have a cute smile and nice eyes and shoulders. Despite yourself, you will find yourself falling again.

You will be with somebody who isnโ€™t them.

You will be with someone who always texts you back, who is available and supportive and normal. Someone calm and open and easy to read. They will be simple and happy and will treat you like something to be treasured. And, despite yourself, you will be happy.

It doesnโ€™t mean you wonโ€™t think of them from time to time, but you will have seen that time can heal things, even if scars remain.

You will find a kind of happiness that you thought could never feel again.

None of this is easy, but you will do it. And you will be okay. TC mark


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