Stop Everything And Listen To Ta-ku’s HYPETRAK Mix ‘Drive Slow, Homie’

In this Ta-ku mix, there isn’t much remixing at all, just transitions between different pieces. But that’s what I love about it. It doesn’t just sound like one continuous song. It sounds like Ta-ku made you a mixtape for your drive home from work.

The talent in this isn’t as much about the remixing as it is about the song selection itself. This mix is one big melting pot of slow beats that place a lot of emphasis on the background music rather than the lyrics themselves.

“I Know You Got Work” by Weep. starts out with a phenomenal relaxed rhythm but gets your hearts racing a bit with the remixed high pitched. I love when it brings it full-circle by settling down comfortably at 5:02.

Ta-ku creates a beach drive audio-setting with “First Class” by Penthouse Penthouse, introducing seagull caws and the soft uttering of the word “traffic”.

Have you ever seen though visualizations on Windows Media Player? With colorful patterns bursting and slowing fading on the screen? This song makes me think of those.

With starRo’s remix of Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”, the lyrics “in the thunder and rain” are perfectly set against background beats which sound curiously enough like sharp raindrops against thin sheets of metal.

The mix follows through with amazing snippets of songs like Esta’s “Latch” and Ta-ku’s own “Electronic Relaxation”, a personal favorite of mine. TC mark


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