I Hope You Are Living A Life You Are Proud Of

I hope you are living a life you are proud of. That you wake up every morning knowing you are going to do things that make you genuinely happy. Not the type of life that makes your parents or your spouse happy, but the kind of happy that makes you happy. Follow what brings you joy and allows you to see your potential.

I hope you pursue the love that you deserve and that you are not settling for a mediocre love story. You are worth so much more than someone who does not see your value. You deserve to spend your life with someone who appreciates you for everything you bring to the table. Do not stay with someone who you can live without. There are more extraordinary loves out there, so why be with someone who does not make your heart sing?

I hope you have the confidence to leave anything that brings negativity into your life. If your best friend is constantly complaining, find a new one. If you dread going to work every morning, I promise you there is a job out there that inspires you. Staying amidst negativity will only turn you negative. The world can be cold — go in search of what keeps you positive.

I hope you never hold back. That you go after everything your heart longs for. Do not shy away from the possibilities of greatness because you are scared. Living life afraid of failure is a life filled with failure. Every failure leads you to a new destination.

At the end of the day, you have one life and millions of doors waiting to be opened. Open the doors that fill you with happiness and shut the doors that no longer serve you. Live a life that is worth living. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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