Thoughts Of A Girl Who Has Been Single For Years


Whenever I bump into anyone I know, one of the things they’ll ask from me is if I already have a new boyfriend. Whenever I say “no”, they would always ask why.

There are also times I ask myself why. Before diving in to a new relationship in the future, I have a lot of things to consider given the fact that I’m not getting any younger. This means I don’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. The last relationship I had was whom I consider my great love because being in that said relationship taught me a lot of things. This is where I present the things that I consider before I say hello to my future love life.

First, being in a relationship does not just focus on feelings. It also focuses on teamwork because the relationship will not last if either of the parties do not cooperate. Both parties should have a mutual understanding in every aspect of their relationship. Second, being in a relationship with someone does not make your life complete. You don’t need someone to make you happy but you need someone to share happiness with. There is a difference between a person making you happy and a person whom you can share happiness with because there is a possibility that the person who is making you happy is not totally happy with you. But if both persons are happy with each other, that’s a different story. Third, being in a relationship is believing in each other regardless of the situation. However, if you think that your partner is not growing as a person in terms of his career or outlook in life no matter how hard you tried to change him or her, it could be the time to leave the relationship and let go. Don’t aim for lower standards just to meet your partners low life standards to a point that it will lead you to give up on your dreams. The bottom line is if the relationship is not growing maturely, leave. Fourth, always trust your instincts. If you have feeling that your partner is cheating on you before it is confirmed, there is a big possibility that it is true. If it is confirmed that your partner is cheating on you, that could simply mean that he or she no longer wants you to be part of his or her life.

If someone wants to be in your life, they will find a way to be in your life.

The same thing happens as well if someone does not want to be part of your life. If someone tells you that it is evident that your partner is cheating on you, better believe it and don’t act blind. If your partner’s friends are telling you that he or she is not cheating on you except for one friend, better believe that one friend because there is a possibility that his or her friends are just covering up for him or her so that you will not know about it. They could be scared on how you will react. Fifth, never take your family and friends for granted whether you are in a relationship or not because no matter what happens, they will always be a part of your life. Your family is the primary foundation of your life while your friends are the secondary yet genuine part of your life. Don’t leave either or both of them once you are in a relationship. Trust me. You won’t be totally happy if you just depend on your partner.

Call me a coward but I just want to make sure that before I take risks for love, the risk is all worth it.

Some of my friends have already told me that I will never know how things will go unless I give it a try. Some would even say that I should go out more often to meet new people. I am meeting a lot of new people but I haven’t met “the one” yet. I haven’t met “Mr. Right” yet. Sooner or later, I will meet him…in God’s time. So what if I haven’t been single for three or four years? An actress once said “If you are in a relationship, that is okay. If you are single, that is also okay. As long as you’re happy, that’s okay.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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