25 Little Life Lessons Every 20-Something Needs To Remember

James Garcia
James Garcia

I feel that with each passing year I grow wiser. Looking back at my life, I’ve come a long way. I use to struggle as a sensitive introvert; I carried a lot of emotional baggage and often felt out of place. Today, I’m much more comfortable in my own shoes. I’ve also learned to be happier. In less than a couple of months, I’ll be turning twenty-five. And to celebrate this big milestone, I’ve compiled a list of quotes and lessons that I’ve learned from my experiences, which has helped me become the person I am now.

1. Don’t depend on others for your own happiness.

2. There’s nothing wrong with you. Trust yourself.

3. Being different is one of your greatest assets.

4. Without darkness there wouldn’t be light.

5. Give the world the best you have, but don’t expect anything in return and don’t be a people pleaser.

6. Not being able to let go will only trap you—and, ultimately, prevent you from living the life that you want.

7. The more you put yourself out there, the more success you’ll have.

8. Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t help you grow.

9. Heal your wounds by connecting with humanity.

10. Anxiety is a product of your imagination and self-doubt.

11. Happiness is a choice and can be found anywhere.

12. Let yourself know that it’s okay to have negative emotions–it’s all part of the human experience. It helps you learn and grow.

13. Crying and laughter feels good.

14. Work on self-compassion instead of self-esteem.

15. One door closes, another one opens.

16. You can’t save people you can only love them.

17. Your gifts are here for a reason.

18. Replenish your soul with sleep, music, nature walks, books, and good conversations.

19. Nothing gold can stay. So be grateful.

20. Prepare for winter with lots of vitamin D and exercise.

21. Your experience with social media depends on how you use it.

22. Don’t take things personally. People project negative emotions because of their problems.

23. Just let things happen. Let life flow. Don’t force it.

24. Not knowing where you’ll end up only makes life more interesting.

25. Stay curious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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