I’m Letting Go Of The Things I Can’t Control

Roberto Nickson

I’m ready.
Whatever that’s in store for me in the future,
I’m ready.
Whoever in my life decides to leave, for a mean time or for good,
I’m ready.
Whoever decides to stay,
I’m ready.

I am done holding on to things and people. I am done waiting. I am done hoping for something to happen. I am done hurting myself for expecting something more than what people can give me.

No. I am not giving up. I haven’t lost all my hope. I haven’t turned into a rock and decided to push everything away from me. Actually, it’s the other way around. My hope has been refilled and I am slowly learning how to accept people and allow them in my life.

This is just me letting go.

Letting go of everything that I can’t control. Letting go of all the pain that I caused myself. Letting go of all the what if’s. Letting go of all the expectations and delusions that I fed myself with for a long time. Letting go of all what could have been.

Letting go of the memories that I tried to hold on to so tight. Letting go of all the feelings and the emotions that those memories induce. Most especially, letting go of the people whom I tried to hold so close to me that unconsciously became something so poisonous to the relationship. I somehow wanted to own them. I somehow wanted them for my own alone. I was selfish.

I realized that, that wasn’t love at all. That’s not how I want to be.

So now, I am ready.

Ready to face and accept whatever comes my way.

Ready to be strong if the situation requires it from me.

Ready to work hard to finally do the things that I really want to do in life.

Ready to find my purpose.

Ready to grow into a person that God wants me to be.

Ready to feel the happiness that I know I deserve to feel.

Ready to accept love and give love to the people I care about.

Whatever it is, I am ready.

Whoever it is, I am ready. TC mark

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