Red Lipstick

17 Things A Woman Is Saying When She Rocks Red Lipstick


She doesn’t want to sleep with you and is not easy. It may be hard for you to grasp, but just because a woman puts rouge on her lips, doesn’t mean she is loose.


She is not a vampire, a goth, or a stripper. Please stop being a moron, immediately.


It’s about sensuality, not sexuality. She is devoted to experiencing the world in a physical and mental way.



She is not wearing it ‘for’ any reason or special occasion. If you wear red lipstick often, you know that women are often asked, “What are you wearing that lipstick for?” The answer, “For me”.


She loves herself and doesn’t care what you think about that. Many women are intimidated by other women who love themselves. We wear red lipstick and we are amazing. Get over it.


We know that when a woman puts on red lipstick for the first time, she feels invincible.


She is confident and you can’t shake her. Red lipstick is her anthem.


She doesn’t care if you think women should be happy without makeup or au natural. Going without lipstick and makeup is fine, nothing wrong with that. We don’t mess with you, keep out of our way…


She is self invested and if you ask her to take it off, she won’t. “Can you tone down that red lipstick for our meeting today?” No… No I won’t.


She doesn’t care what time of day it is. Some people think red lipstick is just for dates or parties. This is false. Red lipstick is for 8 a.m. trips to the grocery store with your toddler, and every other time of day.


She is not wearing it for you. Red lipstick is not intended to make anyone feel a certain way, besides the woman wearing it.


She doesn’t mind eating, drinking, kissing, working, driving, or having sex wearing red lipstick. Do you?


If you pick her up on your first date and she is wearing red lipstick, the appropriate thought is, “Oh man, I found a powerful, self-invested woman”.


She doesn’t care if you don’t like makeup, or if you think lipstick is not inline with some feminist agenda. She might think you are wrong… so there.


Red lipstick makes her feel strong. Some women put it on before a breakup, birth, death, or a trip to the DMV.


Lipstick is something that women have that men don’t. It’s like putting on a magical shield, a link to the moon, a blood-red armor, impenetrable by trolls, bosses, and ex-boyfriends.


She knows that words that come out of a beautifully lipsticked mouth are more powerful. Our mouth is where a lot of our strength comes from. Why not make it kick ass? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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