5 Hard Truths I Wish I Realized When I Graduated From College

1. Happiness doesn’t come with age.

I’m 27 and I feel just as unsatisfied with life as I did at 22 after graduating college. Everyone tells you when you’re in your early 20’s to find something that you’re passionate about outside of work and go for it. I work hard, and over the past few years, I’ve let myself get wrapped in my job. Sure, it’s consistent. And I’m doing OK for myself financially. But am I really happy? Not even close. Go find something you love and stick with it.

2. Adult friends are different than college friends.

In college, you always seem to have a pack of people besides you for constant entertainment between classes and other activities. That changes when you graduate. Making grown­up friends is hard, and you’re pickier with who comes into your inner circle. It’s easier to let small, petty things roll off your back when you’re in school. But in the real world, that small, close knit group of friends becomes a family that you’ll lean on time and time again for support. You learn quickly who your real friends are, and if someone isn’t there for you when you need them, you’re more likely to move on than you were when you were younger.

3. It’s OK if you don’t love your job.

In fact, it’s somewhat suspicious if you do love your job. That’s what being young and straight out of college is about. That said there’s also nothing more annoying than hearing a youngest employee at work complain constantly. Hard work pays off, but in the mean time suck it up and be the best damn worker your company has ever seen. You’ll look back a few years later and laugh about how you acted.

4. Don’t worry about meeting “the one.”

Similar to the point about about making friends, dating is tough. You’re young. You feel caught between being a grown­up and a child. And that’s OK. Try to remember that someday, you will fall madly in love with someone, and you’ll know when it’s the right person. Until then try to hang in there. And keep trying to desperately find that person.

5. Your body is going to change in the next five years.

What you eat on a day­to­day basis may not change dramatically after you graduate, but your body will. You have to work harder to stay in shape, which means establishing a regular workout schedule and cutting out the late­night munchies that you’ve survived on during college. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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