Feel It. All Of It.

Be aware of what it is to be you in this human existence.

Do you feel too much, or just enough?

It’s not a curse to have this loving heart. But some days you act like it is.

You’ve forever prided yourself on your ability to love, on your ability to let the light shine through, whatever the cost.

And yet you stop yourself. You tell yourself it’s wrong, to be so open, to give so much, to be so hopeful for every minute.

Why do you torture yourself so? Is it out of fear that you might be too much? That your authentic you is some hideous thing no one could love?

But ask yourself, when have you ever been too much to those who truly matter?

Don’t ever turn off your heart. Feel with every aspect of who you are.

Because it would be wrong to deny your soul. It would be wrong to pretend you are something you are not.

You have worked this hard for reasons only you can fully understand. And maybe for reasons you never will really know.

And to turn off, to shut down, would go against every single dark night. Every night locked in your bedroom, screaming into a pillow while the tears soaked your skin.

The nights you fought through, although they nearly killed you. The nights you, and only you, conquered, no matter how weak you felt after.

So don’t give up. Not on yourself.

This too shall pass.

This too is just deep emotion, because deep emotion is what sets you apart. It is what sets you on fire. And honestly, it is what sets you free.

So feel it. All of it

Sit in it. It might sting a little.

Understand it. If you can.

But don’t give up on it. Never give up on it.

Wild, weird, and wacky. With a whole lot of love in this heart. <3

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