Everything I Want To Tell My Younger Self

Hey little one.

Always remember that, no matter how dark things seem, there is so, so, so much more light. Tell yourself that every single day. And be thankful for every moment alone, because they will be the moments that teach you who you really are.

Put your whole heart into something, because sweet rebellion isn’t pretty.

Be kind. Learn that lesson now, instead of later, like I did. But don’t be too kind. Don’t give your attention to anyone who doesn’t excite you. Broken hearts are painful, but they are inevitable.

Just make sure that you stand up for yourself and that you tell the truth. And work hard. If you don’t understand, ask. You won’t seem stupid, because you’re not.

Every mistake you make is another opportunity to learn. But please learn. And don’t make the same mistake twice. And for your own sake, don’t make it a third time.

You are so much more than the words and the hatred and the fear. There is no better moment than this one, because it is this moment that leads to the next.

Live with a confident freedom, because you will get there. Whatever you wish, it will happen; maybe not in the way you thought, but in a way that sneaks up on you after years of questioning why.

Don’t question why. You won’t get the answers you want anyway. It will just frustrate you. So just trust, mostly in yourself, but it’s alright to trust other people too. Just don’t give any part of your heart blindly. Because it hurts when people leave your pieces scattered.

Take little steps to manage the pain. Smile at everyone. Dance all the time. Don’t lose sight of what does matter and forget what doesn’t. You are your greatest enemy. Darkness can drag you down, and the deeper you go, the faster you drown. So get your feet wet, learn how to swim to the bottom. Take control.

Welcome the dark, little one. Don’t be afraid of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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