It’s Okay To Rewrite The Chapters Of Your Life

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Amy Humphries / Unsplash

Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop taking the small moments that build memories in your mind. Every second is wasted if you let the hurt and pain control you.

Take in the vast empty of the world, and remember it is not empty at all. It is a blank slate awaiting your call. It is an open door waiting for your nudge, ready to swing open to show you all that is and all that can be.

It’s okay to be let down, it’s okay to cry, to get angry, to feel pain. But it is not okay to stay there; to let it consume when it has absolutely no right. Your heart may be heavy, and your mind may be racing, and you may not have the answers. But even unanswered, every question you ask will unfold. Every moment will connect.

You don’t need to look on the bright side if you are already there. Don’t believe the lies that have twisted your mind, that have led you to believe you are made up of dark. Realize you are so much more than anyone could imagine. You are passion, and love, and strength, and in control of the universe around you.

Use the power in your talents. Write. Draw. Feel. Do. Empower yourself through the things that empower the world. Find healing through what will never control you, only hold you, when everyone else is asleep and you need to be reminded of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It’s okay to rewrite the chapter you had forgotten long ago. Every mistake is a lesson learned. Without them we wouldn’t grow and heal and move forward with dignity and pride. It’s okay to turn back a page. It’s encouraged.

If it reminds you of sunshine, take all the time you need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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