Rape Culture For Dummies

Fred Postles
Fred Postles

Let’s say I went and bought myself a sandwich. It’s an awesome sandwich, and I’m holding it in my hands in a room full of people. Some of them are even pretty hungry. My sandwich may in fact be oozing flavor, looking like the tastiest sandwich ever made, and filling up the room with its delicious aroma.

Does this give anyone a right to walk over and take that sandwich from me?

Would it be acceptable for someone to grab it out of my hands, or to try to convince me to give it to them even when I don’t want to? What if I had given people bites of my sandwiches before? Does that make it more okay to come take mine away from me now?


And let’s say someone did come along and grab the sandwich out of my hands…would you blame me for that? Would you say it was my fault for buying a delicious sandwich and bound to happen? Or would you think, “Wow, what kind of a jerk steals peoples’ sandwiches.”

…Would you make me feel guilty for my sandwich being stolen? No?

Then WHY do we as a society believe in rape myths. Why do we perpetuate victim blaming and validate rape culture?? Just because it looks appealing does NOT mean that anybody has the right to it.

A woman’s body is her own. She can do whatever she pleases with it, showcase it however she chooses. Let’s not forget that one of our first childhood lessons was to not grab things from other people. No matter how it appears, if it’s not okay to take a sandwich out of someone’s hands…..wouldn’t you say a woman’s body has much more value than a dumb sandwich??

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