8 Reasons You Should Never Date A Filmmaker


1. Let me start by saying we’re all nuts. Seriously, what sane person do you know that wants to spend 12+ hour shifts in various fantasy worlds with minimal days off?

2. We’re going to actually watch the movie instead of making out during it. I mean did you SEE that continuity error?

3. Remember how glamorous you used to think actors were? Don’t worry; we’ll shatter that illusion for you very quickly.

4. All this money I just made? It’s all going into the budget of a project I’ve been waiting years to make. What was that, you said you want financial stability? HAHA. Oh, you weren’t joking? Well this is awkward.

5. Just got hired on this new project, let me tell you about every little mistake our crew made. I hate them.

6. Just finished filming for the week but I can’t go out with you tonight because our crew is going out together. I love them.

7. I WILL be the one to film our home videos. Also, I’m going to direct the crap out of them so can you please stand on the other side of the room? The lighting is better over there.

8. Everything you do has the potential to become our next script. You have been warned. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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