10 Things All Shy People Do

Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride

1. Choose the bathroom stall furthest away.

You don’t want anyone to hear or smell what you’re doing…even though it’s completely natural. Oh and don’t forget to check how much toilet paper is left before doing your business.

2. Find somebody else to order the pizza.

Why should you call a complete stranger and ask for food when you can get your much more social brother, sister, mother, or father to do it for you? Just dialing the number is stressful. Also, make sure you don’t forget the order.

3. Hope that your “love interest” accepts glances as flirting.

Because talking is way WAY too difficult. Maybe he/she will accept that nervous laughter too, and that cherry red face.

4. Pick a seat at either the front or back of the classroom.

You don’t want to sit in the middle because you’d have to walk through too many people and you’d feel crowded. The back might be bad for your grade though. Suck it up and take a seat in the front. Nobody’s judging you (yet).

5. Make sure you can’t hear your music loudly outside your headphones.

You don’t want anybody else to hear the music that you’re listening to. God forbid they have an opinion then try to strike up a conversation with you.

6. Constantly look behind you when walking at night.

You already get nervous if somebody approaches you in daylight. Now imagine in complete darkness. It’s okay, you can freak out now.

7. Look down, apologize, and chuckle nervously when running into someone.

It’s an awkward situation already. But you don’t want to be rude. So try your hardest to whisper a polite “sorry,” then try your best not to crack. Don’t cry. They’ll forgive you.

8. Laugh along to group conversations, but don’t talk.

You want to seem friendly, but you really have nothing to add to the conversation. You might as well laugh and hope they don’t ask you how that job hunting is going.

9. Walk at high speeds when grocery shopping.

If you really don’t want to be there in the first place (especially during daylight hours), why should you walk at a slow speed? Get in, get what you need, then get out. The less people you run into, the happier you’ll be.

10. Suffer a mini heart attack when speaking in front of a group.

It’s already hard enough keeping a conversation with one person going, now you have to keep the attention of 20-30 people while lecturing about a boring topic? Good luck! But this powerpoint presentation should help, right?

It’s always fun to find a group of people that you have certain traits or hobbies in common with. You feel a sense of belonging. I hope this list made every shy person out there smile and feel just a bit more connected to others. :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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