Maybe Second Chances Can Be Fate Too

massimo ankor
massimo ankor

She felt that familiar feeling she could clearly remember
from years ago when they were still together —
the tense movements, the unsteady heart beats,
the shaking feeling, the butterflies in her.

Because after so many years,
he was here all over again
and they were face to face just like they used to
and she could not look away,
wanting to memorize every inch of him,
wanting to notice every change in him.

He was only inches away
and something was drawing her to close
the few more inches remaining between them.
The ecstatic, ballistic feeling in her was prevalent
and she could not decide
if she still loves him after all these times
or she was just curious to see him all over again.

She wants to refuse to be somewhere near him
and to see him once more after such a long time,
but something about the fact of seeing him
draws her to be here, anyway.

She wants to know why,
why is there another opportunity for them to meet
when in her knowledge,
whatever they have before have already ended.
Are they meeting again
because fate is drawing them back together
and they were each other’s destined other?
Or was fate playing a game of faith again
on them?

Was it a love that only dulled down through the years,
but never died?

Or was it closure that is the reason behind
this such unusual encounter?

She did not know the answer,
and she wants to know.
The curiosity, the hope in her
brought her to saying yes, finally,
brought her to this moment.
She wants to know why they are seeing each other again,
and the answer will never be obtained
without risking to take the few inches left,
without saying yes to possible feelings
he could once again make her feel.

She needed to take the risk,
she felt that she has to.
Even if the probable answer scares her,
she needs to know
or else,
the fact of never knowing
will only put her to more agony.
She needed to see him one last time
and understand why this is happening all over again,
why she is feeling this way.

This last chance will put an end to everything —

Three last steps and she will know the answer.
And she did upon closing the space.
She missed him because he will always be important to her,
and that’s it.
fate played its cards on them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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